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Why I'm Better Than You At Guitar Hero

While playing Guitar Hero: World Tour on my friend's Wii one day, I suggested she download the custom song I'd made the previous week - a heavy metal version of Saria's Song from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. (Providing the GHTunes feature on the Wii still exists as of writing this, it still should be available to download!)
So, I played on Expert bass, which was the hardest track, my now-fianceé played on Expert guitar and my friend played Beginner vocals (despite custom songs not actually having words, there is still a pitch bar to follow, basically you hum the tune). Anyway, this is our final score screen:
I got 128%. One-hundred-and-twenty-eight percent. Nobody else can get 128%, only me. This is why I'm better than you at Guitar Hero.

Hahaha, it was probably a freak glitch on the Wii's part, or the programming of the GHTunes track - either way, we never managed to do it a second time.

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