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Glitchfest: Fallout 3 - Stuck Mirelurk

While replaying Fallout 3 recently, I was exploring an underground compound absolutely chocka-block with bloody Mirelurks. I was challenging myself by playing on Very Hard difficulty for the first time (I'm a boring twat who normally sticks to the standard of Normal) - and I was a really low level. It seemed like a given that I was going to get massacred by these crab fuckers. So, as a last resort, I jumped off a platform and into the water below, hoping that they wouldn't follow me.

They didn't - because THIS happened:
Even after I shot the shit out of him, he was still stuck on this pipe, and only fell down into the water once he had been killed. Awesome - a freak glitch occurrence saved my arse. :)


Pokémon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge: Part 5

I fill the empty slot in my team with WHACKA, who I level up a bit on a nearby route until he evolves. Then I head into Saffron City. Spoony has a lot of fun pissing all over the blackbelts in the Fighting Dojo. I choose the Hitmonlee as my reward (because I normally pick Hitmonchan), I named him SLINKY. (Because his legs look like slinkys, right?)

Right, time for the Silph Co. Headquarters and its ridiculous teleport pads...

Well actually, I know which teleport pad is the one that leads you straight up to where your rival is waiting and the direct route to Giovanni. It's this one:
Regardless, Spoony easily dispatched the many, many, many poison types - which seems to be the Team Rocket standard. I managed to level up all of my main team (Spoony, Pinpoint, Leviathan and Spike) to level 40. We're awesome. :)

So, I grab the free items and of course, the Master  Ball - and quickly condemn it to the PC storage; for it is NOT ALLOWED. I also take the free Lapras from the Silph employee guy. She's going to be used as a lovely HM slave, namely for Surf and Strength. I name her MINERVA. Guano had eventually bloody evolved, so I replace him with her. :)

Finally, to complete my visit to Saffron City, I go to battle Sabrina. As this is the 1st generation, Psychic types have no glaring weakness, except shitty bug types - so I just battered the twats with the strongest attacks I had at my disposal - i.e. Thunderbolt, Dragon Rage, Thrash etc.

I feel that I should also mention that I finally found a GBC link cable on eBay. It took forever to get here, because it came from China - but I'm scared to try it... I can so see it not working, just like my other one... Gah, I just want a goddamn Alakazam!


GIFT - Hitmonlee, level 25, SLINKY

GIFT - Lapras, level 15, MINERVA



I took a little break from my Pokémon Nuzlocke challenge to... play some more Pokémon? I finally convinced my fiancée to play a Pokémon game with me; so I chose the BEST one of course, SoulSilver and HeartGold. We'd previously had a go at playing through together, but I got too far ahead of her and she got discouraged - so now we play it together only when we see each other at the weekend. I even bought a Pokéwalker - something I previously had no interest in, so I could get some of the unique items and Pokémon.

(For those who were following my Nuzlocke Challenge, be patient - I WILL finish it, I've gotten the correct link cable and everything to evolve my Kadabra.)

Anyway, on our first day of playing, no less than 2 hours in... My starter Pokémon caught fucking POKÉRUS!!!!
Pokérus has something like a 1 in 22,000 chance of occurring, compared to the 1 in 6000-od chance of finding a shiny Pokémon. I've never found a shiny Pokémon before (with the exception of the dumb shiny Gyarados, of course.)

The only advice I can offer to anyone who wants to catch Pokérus legit is to NEVER RUN. If you run from a wild encounter, you will NOT catch Pokérus; you need to either catch or knock out the infected wild Pokémon. I never run from a wild battle anyway, but I was grinding levels on one of the earlier routes, went to check on my Quilava's stats and noticed the lovely purple marker.

I then proceeded to infect every single Pokémon who went through my team and send Shelly an infected Pokémon in a trade. :)

For those who are unfamiliar with Pokérus, it's a condition that causes your Pokémon's earned EVs to double. They can only catch it once, they are infected to other Pokémon for a few days, then they become immune (which is marked with another symbol), but they still receive double EVs. I'm not a hardcore EV trainer or anything, but I do use the macho brace and vitamins to make my Pokémon somewhat better. :)