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Product Review: Bob-Omb Candy

In response to my last post, I DIDN'T get a Pot Noodle in the post (thankfully, coz I don't like the Bombay Bad Boy ones, I like Chicken and Mushroom), I DID get my little Mario Bob-Omb along with a bottle of Bawls Guarana - and because American Soda are awesome, I got a free box of Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers too (which my fiancée and I are prone to buying from import shops because they're awesome.)

Anyway, the Bob-Omb itself, while being reasonable in terms of candy, is a pretty sweet toy. The wick is moveable, as is the wind-up key on its back and  it stands at around 2" tall - so even after eating the candy stick and sherbet inside, it's a cool collectible or a toy for a kid.

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