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The Tower Of Games

One day in December (I'm guessing around 2009 or 2010) my fiancée and I were bored - so we decided to do something I'd always wanted to do - build a TOWER OF GAMES.
Previously, my big brother had said if both he and I were to collect all of our games and lay them down side by side, they could easily make a snake domino line thing throughout every room in the house - but that sounded kinda dangerous, so I went for the safer and somewhat easier idea of the TOWER OF GAMES.
We started with the bigger boxes at the bottom (those in DVD-style cases), then went to the smaller PS1 games and finished with Nintendo DS games. At the time I probably only had about 350 games - I didn't have FOUR full silver game racks, nor had I had to allocate ALL of my shelves to be used for games while my books were banished either under my bed or into a storage box. But we did manage to touch the ceiling:
(Note the circled area - how my shelves all ended up BARE. Also, I no longer own those Guitar Hero: World Tour drums, because my friend and I bashed the hell out of them and destoyed them.)

Come to think of it, when this picture was taken, I don't even think I had an Xbox 360!!!! (Which I own an excess of 120+ games for now!)

I think due to the magical arrival of the student loan, I managed to almost triple my games collection since then - I could probably make around two and a half full towers now! (I might try it one day!)

I also made myself a demotivator to go with the TOWER OF GAMES:
I now own an Xbox 360, a Mega Drive, a PSP and a 3DS since that photo was taken - my next tower will be THREE TIMES as awesome!

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