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Ash's Birthday Cards: We Love Katamari

Shelly and I's mutual best friend Ash has this little tradition when it's our birthdays - Ash wants to be a graphic artist or designer, hence she really likes drawing and being all arty and shit. So every year for around the past 5 years, Shelly and I have gotten personalised birthday cards, hand-drawn by Ash.

For my cards, Ash always seems to choose the game I'm currently playing and bases the card's design around that. This is the very first card Ash made for me; for my 18th birthday I got a Playstation 2 (yeah, only seven years too late to the party there) and one of my favourite games: We Love Katamari.
So as you can see, my birthday Katamari comes complete with a ton of rolled-up presents, a party hat, ribbons and a cake. :D