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Gamer's Wardrobe: Eat, Sleep, Play Minecraft Satchel

Something different for this week's edition of Gamer's Wardrobe, not another T-Shirt - a satchel bag!

My mam bought me this for my 22nd birthday, as such, I cannot tell you where she got it from, or how much it was - but if you know, feel free to let me know. :)
It's a great bag, it's got some little pockets in the front under the velcro flap and it's big enough to take all of my crap with me to work - my lunchbox, 3DS to play on my lunch breaks and my iPod, complete with massive headphones. And it also advertises to the world that I play Minecraft. Albeit more than I actually do. :P


Unboxing: Arcade Block November 2015

This is my first monthly Arcade Block. :)

For a fee of $20 CANADIAN per month, Arcade Block will send you a lovely box of gaming merchandise, including a T-shirt. Shipping costs vary, depending on where you live, and larger T-shirt sizes cost a few $ extra - overall, my boxes including shipping, work out at about £24.

I can also confirm, this box was shipped on the 25th of November and arrived at my house on the 5th of December - 10 days shipping from Canada to the UK, not too bad.

And here's a closer look at some of the contents:
Halo 5 2016 calendar
Uncharted Titans vinyl figure
Resident Evil mansion key (Sword Key)
The Legend of Zelda wine cork
Angry Birds K'Nex blind bag
Yoshi ugly Christmas sweater T-shirt
Stay tuned for more Arcade Block unboxings!


Unboxing: Arcade Block Grab Block #1

I'm a proud subscriber to Nerd Block's Arcade Block monthly subscription box - every month, I'm sent a lovely box of video game merchandise, including a T-shirt. 

They cost $20 CANADIAN. Therefore, are much cheaper than most other subscription boxes. Including shipping costs to the UK, they only cost me around £24, which also includes the extra cost for asking for a larger T-shirt size. Fucking awesome.

Every month, you can also order a GRAB BLOCK - which cost $10 CANADIAN; half the price of a regular monthly box - and as far as I can see, Grab Blocks are a mash up of items and shirts given away in previous months - ideal if you're a collector or a new subscriber who missed out on previous months' items.

Here's my unboxing of my first (of no doubt many) Grab Blocks:

And here's a closer look at some of the contents:
Mortal Kombat Scorpion plush
Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game soundtrack
Scott Pilgim/Rock Band wristband
Sonic The Hedgehog fridge magnets
Sonic: Worlds Unite #1 comic (with Arcade Block variant cover)
Team Fortress 2 Team Red VS Team Blue T-shirt
Stay tuned for more Arcade Block unboxings!

And here's an exclusive for my blog readers; one of the testing videos Shelly and I filmed while we were deciding on the best angle to film at:

(This video is totally unlisted, only awesome blog readers will ever get to see it. :D)


Viscera Cleanup Detail - Before & After - Section 8

I've found somewhat of a niche on YouTube... 

There's lots of Let's Play style videos of my current gaming obsession: Viscera Cleanup Detail - but nothing like what Shelly and I are working on - Before & After level tours!

Basically, I tour around a level before the cleaning work starts - showing off how bad the mess is, and offering my own tips on how to tackle certain level aspects - then I tour around the level after achieving a 100% cleanliness rating; showing off stacking areas and the like.

So, as a trial run - we had a go at the smallest level in the game: Section 8. The video turned out better than I thought, so stay tuned for more levels!



Remember before when I documented the first time I encountered the rare EV-raising disease known as Pokérus? 

Well, Shelly and I are playing through Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver again - this time we're only playing it together - quite easy to do, seeing as how we live together now - and last time I contacted Pokérus.

Well, I was having a faff around on Pokémon Sapphire, catching some stuff to trade into mine and Shelly's games via the Pal Park feature. As you can see, I have found something again...
I'm bloody annoyed. I've always wanted to catch a shiny Pokémon. For those who don't know, the odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon are 1 in 8192. The odds of catching Pokérus, which by the way, doesn't just appear in battle like a shiny Pokémon does - you need to defeat or capture a wild Pokémon to get it - running doesn't work (hence the reason I never run) - the odds are 1 in 21,845.

I've caught Pokérus TWICE, on two different games - and NEVER found a shiny!

Of course, the poxy red Gyarados doesn't count...


Unboxing Video: 1995 Sonic The Hedgehog McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

I love eBay. :)

My latest find was a set of SEALED Sonic The Hedgehog Happy Meal toys from 1995 - 20 years old, potentially older than some of my readers.

So of course, I decided to upset some collectors and tear into the 20-year-old plastic bags for my latest unboxing video.

In the 90s, McDonald's Happy Meal toys came in smaller sets, usually of four or five - unlike the sheer mountains they bring out nowadays - so the complete set only contains four figures; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Dr Robotnik - I originally thought they were from Sonic & Knuckles, which was the Sonic game released in 1995 - but they're actually from Sonic The Hedgehog 3, the US had these figures two years previously, in 1993.

Here's some close-up photographs of each toy:
Sonic The Hedgehog
Dr Robotnik
Miles "Tails" Prower
Knuckles The Echidna
The complete set
Shelly managed to find the original US commercial for these figures on YouTube - it's quite funny. 

Also, notice how the design of the Tails toy has changed? Perhaps the original design was dangerous?


Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Shelly Can't Build Snowmen

As you are no doubt aware, if you've ever played an Animal Crossing game in the Wintertime before - when it's snowy in your town, you can build snowmen. In the original Animal Crossing, you could only build standard snowmen, who would then send you snowmen furniture in the mail if you had built them with the correct proportions.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you can now build a whole family of snowmen, all of whom will give you different rewards - a big snowman who is the dad, two medium sized snowmen that are a boy and their mother and a little snowman, who is called a Snowtyke. 

This is what a completed family looks like:
One day, while playing Animal Crossing, Shelly had a little accident when building a snwoman. She was going for a medium-sized one - but accidentally rolled the body onto the head - which made the game think the small body was meant to belong to a Snowtyke. Then this happened:
If I ever need cheering up, I just look at these screenshots of Shelly's ridiculously top-heavy snowman. I thought it was hilarious at the time, and still do. :)