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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Evil Science Paperwork & PID Guide

If you're a completionist (like me) and want to squeeze every single possible % completion out of each level in Viscera Cleanup Detail, you've come to the right blog. Percentage is awarded based on the overall cleanliness of a level, up to the total of 100%. However, there is additional points to be earned by completing the additional objectives, namely the stacking zones and the dreaded PAPERWORK.

Here's a little guide to help you achieve the maximum percentage score on the Evil Science level.

In order to award you the full percentage ALL of the text boxes (EXCEPT the Union Report at the very bottom) must be COMPLETELY filled in. In order to accomplish this, I simply CTRL+V'd in a Notepad document of full stops I prepared earlier. You're welcome to copy this method, mash random keyboard buttons or paste in a block of Lorem Ipsum text - whatever fills the box up completely.

For your employee ID number, mash the number pad with random numbers until that too is filled completely.

The tick boxes regarding your personal opinions can be ticked with whatever you please, as long as SOMETHING is ticked.

The following boxes in the Incident Particulars section must be ticked:

In the text boxes, fill out the following:
Number of Dead Aliens: 4
Number of Shell Casings: 51
Number of Bullet Holes: 48

To find the number of incinerated items (as this number will differ from player to player) follow this file path:
Local disk > Program files (x86) > Steam > SteamApps > Common > Viscera > Saves

Find the save file of the level you are currently playing and open it with Notepad. CTRL+F "NumIncineratedItems" and you will find the number to enter in the "Number of Items Incinerated" column.

There are a total of 11 dead employees found on this level whose PIDs must be collected and scanned at the Punch-O-Matic machine.

I recommend as you clean the level and dispose of body parts and viscera to leave the PIDs exactly where you find them and collect them at the end of the level before filling out the WTF forms and their cause of death - if you move them around, they may become mixed up. Also please note, I do not refer to the employees by name, as in this level, the names are randomised and will differ from player to player.

This employee is found near the start of the level, close to your janitor's trunk. They show signs of being DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED, EVISCERATED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is down a short flight of stairs between two hospital gurneys. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, EVISCERATED, HALVED, IMPACT, SLAIN and THROWN.

This employee is close by the What a Load bin dispenser. They show signs of being DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED, DRAGGED, EVISCERATED, HALVED, IMPACT, SLAIN and THROWN.

This employee is the first corpse you will encounter upon entering the room off the corridor to the right. They show signs of being DRAGGED and SLAIN.

This employee is the second corpse you will encounter upon entering the room off the corridor to the right. They show signs of being DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED, DRAGGED, EVISCERATED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is at the bottom of a flight of stairs off the corridor to the left. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, DRAGGED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is on the right after entering the room with the incinerator. They show signs of being DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED, EVISCERATED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is behind the incinerator in the same room as the previous employee. They show signs of being SLAIN.

This employee is upstairs outside of the elevator, by the sign stacking area. They show signs of being DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED, EVISCERATED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is upstairs in the toilets. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is upstairs in the operating theatre that is locked with a code. They show signs of being MURDERED and STABBED.


My Top 10 (Own) YouTube Videos of 2018

Last year I wrote a countdown of my favourite (own) videos from 2016. Due to a combination of things, primarily related to my mental health - I didn't write a similar list for 2017 - but now I'm in a far better place, time to make up for it.

Posting over 200 videos in a year, it's actually pretty difficult to narrow it down to 10 that you like the best, when in general you're rather pleased with what you create - but here we go... it's my list of My Top 10 (Own) YouTube Videos of 2018!


#10 - The Impossible Quiz
As part of this year's Anarchy Advent countdown, I recorded a sort of Let's Play of one of my favourite flash game, The Impossible Quiz. I didn't sit there night after night as a teenager memorising the answers to this damn quiz for it not to come in handy one day! I also had great fun building the thumbnail - using graphics and resources from the game in a sort of collage. 

#9 - Mog Anarchy's Favourite British Snacks
I made a SurveyMonkey survey in order to gather feedback and gauge audience reaction to my various types of videos - and oddly enough, the one that seems to be the most favourably recieved are vlog-style videos or videos where I do direct-to-camera or face-cam appearances, as opposed to being a disembodied voice or pair of hands. This video is a combination taste test and vlog which appeals to my fellow Brits and international viewers as I show off a bunch of my favourite British sweet and savoury snacks - including Peperami, Space Raiders and Parma "motherfucking" Violets. :)

#8 - Mog Anarchy Reviews: Doki Doki Literature Club
This year, I played Doki Doki Literature Club for the first time - and instantly I fell in love with it. Oddly enough, I find it easier to write a review for a game the less I've played it - so the ideal game for me to review is one I'm totally new to. I'm a big fan of visual novels and I'm totally down for Japanese-inspired artwork - but naturally I wasn't expecting what I got from DDLC from looking at screenshots and reading the description... I shan't give too much away here, as it's a game that is best experienced totally blind - and I did my best during the review to not give too much away... Which itself was a challenge, but it was a pretty fun challenge.

#7 - Charm Plays: Final Fantasy VII
This year I launched the Charm Plays series. My reasoning was twofold; firstly I wanted to make more videos with Charm Agony. Secondly, it was the perfect excuse to continue her parody factor - the vast majority of Let's Plays you see on YouTube (and I'm including my own in this) are clearly people who know the game arse-backwards, or if they do happen to screw up, those parts are seamlessly edited out. So naturally, Charm Plays is exactly the opposite. The very first one I recorded was Final Fantasy VII, my personal favourite game. So naturally, Charm hated it and had no idea what she was doing - which included using the wrong items, getting a premature game over and abusing the character naming system to name Cloud "DICKCHEES." Also, it proved an additional challenge for me - Charm Agony's typical rants are scripted with occasional ad-libs. The sketches she appears in are also scripted - Charm Plays are 100% ad-libbed - and maintaining a Valley Girl accent when it's so far removed from your own Smoggy speech with its shortened vowels and general lowered pitch isn't easy - yet I managed to pull it off somehow!

#6 - Let's Play: Resident Evil 3 - #1; Stab Happy!
This year I experimented more with the use of face-cams for Let's Plays. One of these was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - I'll admit this right now, I know the game arse-backwards and practised several times before actually recording the 9-part Let's Play so I was near-perfect - almost speedrunning. What I was most proud of though was using the Resident Evil menu screen graphics to border my face-cam and display my current health bar. It was a challenge to get properly aligned and synced, but I genuinely love the way it turned out. I also opted to take photographs of myself for the video thumbnails and include a relevant "subtitle" for each part. Look at me, I'm like, a *real* YouTube gamer now. :D

#5 - Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer - My Top WORST 5 Orb Quests
Last year I made a countdown video of my favourite orb quests from Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer - so naturally it was only a matter of time before I flipped it on its head and did the reverse. In general, I find videos that focus on things the presenter *doesn't* like tend to go down better than something they enjoy... I wonder why that is? I'm just really pleased with how this one turned out - the pacing is good, my script is concise and I feel I channelled my rage into something productive. :)

#4 - In The Pink!
In addition to making slapstick messy and gunge videos for YouTube, I made some more slightly risqué ones for UMD.net - and these are kind of "premium" content in the sense they're not free to watch, asides from the free trailers. I was approached by a fan who commissioned a custom video from me - several e-mails later and I found myself (with the help of a friend) filling up an inflatable pool with 200 litres of neon pink gunge. I made a couple of videos for UMD - and by covering the gunge with a tarp, I was able to re-use it for a couple of videos. One of them is still in post-production and will be released next year - the other was In The Pink! - Cat Chaos set me a quiz challenge which totally wasn't scripted so I'd lose - resulting in me face-planting into the glorious pool of goo. I had so much fun that week in May, I swear. 

#3 - Look Into My Pies
If I was asked, what are my favourite type of videos to make - I would answer with sketches or skits. Unfortunately they require a lot of planning, scripting and editing - but the finished product is so damn rewarding. The difficulty is upped more if you opt to include messy or slapstick elements - so naturally Look Into My Pies was a pretty big project. Cat Chaos hypnotises Charm Agony into obeying his every command - sits her down in the bathroom and proceeds to get her to cover herself with strawberry Angel Delight pies, custard and spaghetti hoops before snapping her out of her trance as he's irritated she's enjoying herself too much and thus he isn't enjoying himself at all. A couple of fun facts about this video:

- Why does Charm Agony look so whacked-out? Well, I'm an amazing actor, but was helped by the fact whilst filming this, I wasn't exactly, shall we say... sober. :)
- Cat Chaos uses a holographic Meowth coin from the Pokémon TCG sellotaped to a chain as his hypnosis pendulum.
- Mixing custard and tomato based pasta sauce results in a stench very similar to fresh vomit and may cause a lot of retching during clean-up.
- This sketch originally had a different ending, but I changed it due to feedback from my proofreaders saying Cat Chaos was too mean. I did however record the original ending and posted it as a video to YouTube as well.

#2 - Cat Chaos' Pi Day Challenge
The #2 spot is taken by another sketch - do refer to the above explanation of why I love them so much - a video made to coincide with "Pi Day," or the 14th of March. This sketch really went all-out on the slapstick factor - including exaggerated sound-effects, frankly way too many camera-panning effects, the original score from Zzzap! (yes, I got a copyright strike, but frankly it fits so well, I don't mind about being demonitised), slow-motion replays and a classic face-first pratfall into a pie, as performed by Charm Agony. I had such a fun time filming this one, I posted a sort of behind-the-scenes video to go along with it. I think it's also the first (and hopefully last) time I've felt sorry for Charm getting humiliated. :)

#1 - Charm Agony: Nintendo Labo
And it seems yet again, my #1 spot has been taken by a Charm Agony rant - I'm sure she'll be like "totally thrilled" with herself. Over the course of this year, I've found myself becoming more and more attached to my Charm character, much to the derision of her detractors. But this rant is a perfect shitstorm of everything that makes Charm Agony perfect. She's ranting about a topic that was dividing the gaming community the second it was announced and offering her own take on it - complete with wearing a Jaffa Cakes box on her head (which also allowed for a dig at my fellow Brits.) I didn't realise until I was actually editing this rant how savage the script was. In addition to including Charm's second C-bomb, it also touches upon some seriously dark topics during her non-sequiturs, including broken marriages, welfare homes and accidental deaths of children. One of my ad-libs took advantage of the fact Amber wouldn't leave me alone and included a joke for my fellow cat-lovers about what it means when your cat is "vibrating." To top it off, Charm blows up some flavoured condoms and comes out with the most intelligent analogy she's ever managed about what Nintendo's new product will be and how it doesn't even matter coz the fanboys will continue to buy it.


Review: Costume Quest

It's Hallowe'en! Time to wrap up your children in black bin bags, toilet roll tubes and tin foil and send them off into the pitch darkness to visit the homes of complete strangers and beg for candy! While they're out getting molested by clowns hiding in the bushes and ingesting class A drugs that were carefully disguised - you can stay home, lock the door and eat all the candy you bought for the kids while you enjoy a suitably seasonal themed gaming session.

Costume Quest is a 2010 game developed by Double Fine Productions, released on PC, the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Set in and around a suburb and a shopping mall at Hallowe'en, you assume the role of either Reynold or Wren, one of a set of fraternal twins and a group of their misfit friends all clad in homemade Hallowe'en costumes. The game is a mixture of sandbox exploration and RPG - quests and side quests mixed in with random battles and scripted boss fights - in both of which the Hallowe'en costumes play a role.

The town has been overtaken  by Dorsilla the Witch and the Grubbins - a group of green-skinned ogres who are hell bent on enslaving the trick-or-treating children and stealing their candy hauls. The children aim to put a stop to their plans by capturing all of the candy for themselves - by trick-or-treating all of the local homes and shops and collecting new costumes, items and battle stamps to defeat the area bosses.

Like most RPGs, there are a host of collectible items and sidequests to fill out your journal with - these include collecting trading cards of bizarre candies and treats (and trading your doubles with NPCs to acquire rare ones), battle stamps, which provide new skills and abilities in battle and secret costumes, which provide new abilities in both the field and during battle.

Naturally, as it's Hallowe'en - there will be plenty of tricks to go along with your treats and plenty of fun themed challenges and sidequests to compete in - such as best costume competition, bobbing for apples, hide and seek and gatecrashing private parties in costumed disguise.

The game’s currency is candy - which is obviously stored in your characters’ trick or treat pails - which can be upgraded over time to larger ones with bigger capacities. Candy can be earned from winning battles, completing side quests, trick or treating at the correct houses or can just be picked up off the ground or found inside breakable objects.

The game is family friendly and has simple controls and limited options in battle to be accessible to younger players - but also includes several more high-brow jokes and references that only adults would understand, in addition to optional battles and tasks that are more difficult.

Each costume provides different effects in battle and in the field - the battle effects will be categorised as melee (large damage dealing attacks), defense (defensive spells), special (spells with unique effects) and support (healing spells). The field effects include shields to pass through areas with falling rocks, roller skates to jump ramps into new areas and a light up sword to illuminate dark sections.

Instead of relying on complicated stats, weapons and armor like a traditional RPG, Costume Quest relies solely on your experience and level and matching different costume abilities to certain battle situations. This also makes the game simpler for children but still retains somewhat of a challenge for the more obtuse bosses and their awkward attacks. Both attacking and defending involve matching a button sequence or quick time event too - instead of the standard turn-based trope of sitting around and waiting. This makes the relatively short battles more involved and fun.

In addition to the main storyline, there is a DLC world, Grubbins on Ice which turns the story on its head and allows the children to join forces with the Grubbins to defeat Araxia and Big Bones - who have kidnapped your friend Lucy. This DLC continues on from your main story progress and you retain your previous levels, costumes, battle stamps etc but also provides you with the opportunity to unlock DLC specific costumes and items as well as raise your levels to match the new higher levelled enemies and bosses.

My main complaint with Costume Quest is its length. It's far too short! I enjoyed a good 6-8 hours of the main quest and DLC and was sadly left wanting more. It's like I'd only been given fun size Milky Ways in my trick or treat bag from the grouchy old man across the street, knowing full well he had king sized ones in his pantry. I would have loved some post-game sidequests, another DLC world or the opportunity for a new game plus with stronger enemies - after I'd collected literally every item in the game, completed all of the sidequests and maxed out all of my characters - I was still hungry, damn it! I have a massive sweet tooth for RPGs, after all.

So if you're looking for a fun little game this Hallowe'en and are tired of the predictable jump scares of horror games or the absurd plot twists of the psychological thriller games - or if you're looking for a family friendly title you can play with your kids, I recommend Costume Quest wholeheartedly. But I can't promise you won’t be left craving something a bit more after you've finished chowing down...


Review: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

This review will remain as spoiler-free as humanly possible, as the true charm of the Danganronpa games is their murder mystery aspect. In addition, the footage used in this video was taken from the demo version - which is unrelated to the main narrative story wise but uses the same characters, settings and gameplay features. So, with that out of the way…
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is the 3rd game in the Danganronpa series, not including the spin-off hack n slash title Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. It also follows the same canon as the Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School series of anime, which chronologically comes after Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair but before Danganronpa V3 itself. It was released in September 2017 in Europe and North America on PS4, Playstation Vita and Steam.

The basic premise of all 3 Danganronpa titles is you assume a 1st person perspective of one of a group of high school students who are all gifted with some form of “ultimate” talent, basically they are one of the very elite in their chosen field or interest. Some of the “ultimates” included in Danganronpa V3 include ultimate pianist, ultimate magician, ultimate cosplayer, ultimate tennis pro and ultimate artist. These characters are tasked with carrying out a communal life together within their school - but the equilibrium is quickly disrupted when Monokuma, the series mascot and antagonist appears and forces them to take part in his twisted killing games.

Monokuma presents the students various motives and opportunities to kill one another throughout the storyline until somebody takes the bait and you stumble upon the corpse of one of your former classmates. This is where you are tasked with investigating the crime scene, collecting alibis, looking for clues and identifying the key points of the murder, such as time of death, cause of death and the murder weapon.

After enough time passes, you then take part in the class trial - which involves all remaining students standing in a circle in Monokuma courtroom and arguing their points. During the class trials you act simultaneously as potential culprits, lawyers, prosecutors and jury members and must use “truth bullets” to either agree with points made by the other students or destroy weak points, false alibis, lies and contradictions in their arguments.

As the Danganronpa games are, at heart, visual novels - the storyline progresses primarily through conversations between you and other characters with minimal action sequences. The class trials all feature full voice acting and you can choose to play with the original Japanese voice actors or the English dub - both have their strong points - but it's a matter of preference between players, it's an argument we shan't go into here.

The game is split up into Daily Life and Deadly Life, which are exactly as they sound, daily life is the usual routine before a murder occurs and deadly life involves the investigation and preparation for the class trial. Daily life also includes free time moments where you can choose which characters you can spend time with and give presents to improve your relationships and unlock new skills that can be used in the class trials.

Upon completion of the main story mode, you will unlock a variety of post-game modes, including a “what if” story scenario that doesn't involve any violence or murders and instead let's you focus on building your friendships. There is also a casino mode in which you can replay mini-games to earn coins and use them to buy items, skills and skins to customise your user interface. Monocoins, which are collected throughout the story mode can be used to buy presents to gift to the other students and used to unlock FMV movies, evenly scenes, background music and concept art in the gallery.

In order to maintain an M for Mature rating, Spike Chunsoft made the creative decision to change the blood colour from red to a neon pink - though the games still include graphic depictions of murder, suicide, death, loss and of course, Monokuma’s ridiculously creative yet simultaneously graphic and disturbing executions. These themes and storyline are made even harder hitting when you consider that all of the characters are of high school age, in their late teens and early 20s at the oldest.

The main selling point of the Danganronpa games in my opinion is the unique art style and the wide array of quirky characters - every player will have characters they identify with and characters they can't stand - and everyone will connect to the motives, struggles and themes differently. 

So I recommend not just Danganronpa V3, but the entire Danganronpa series to anybody who enjoys visual novels, solving murder mysteries or would always choose a less-action orientated game with a rich and immerse storyline than a mindless shooter or adventure title with no substance. 

And for the love of God, do not Google ANYTHING while you're part-way through the game! The Internet is rife with game-ruining spoilers that can totally spoil entire sections of the game if you read ahead accidentally. And while Danganronpa V3 *can* stand up alone and doesn't have to be played following Trigger Happy Havoc and Goodbye Despair, I recommend you do try those out first so you can get as immersed as possible in the Danganronpa world - not quite drowning, but up to your neck in neon pink blood!


Banjo-Kazooie Theory - What IS Clanker?

The 3rd level in Banjo-Kazooie is a half underwater cave and sewer system called Clanker’s Cavern. Inhabited by various crabs, fish and other aquatic life - and of course, the cavern’s namesake, Clanker himself. 

It seems that Gruntilda’s Lair lacks the usual means of refuse disposal like garbage chutes or an incinerator, instead she employs the use of Clanker, who claims to be her “garbage grinder.” Presumably he functions as some sort of living trash compactor, or even darker, perhaps his home got turned into the whole castle’s refuse centre and Grunty just dumps all of her rubbish there and he's forced to eat it, either to survive or as a means to stop his home getting too overrun with it.

There's so many unanswered questions surrounding Clanker - but the one that springs to mind for me is, what IS Clanker anyway? Is he a robot? Or is he a living being? I've got a bunch of evidence that supports both theories, so allow me to go through them - and at the end you can make your own decision.


Clanker is alive

The most obvious sign that Clanker is alive is the presence of organic tissue; namely the bloody wounds present on his exterior and the flesh and guts present in his interior. Clanker is clearly not impervious to injury, and the fact he is covered with wounds, rather than dents or scuffs, proves his exterior is more akin to skin than it is to sheet metal.

Clanker is clearly an aquatic being - although during Grunty’s Furnace Fun, he is referred to as a whale, Clanker can breathe air or he can breathe underwater via the use of his pair of gills. When raised above the water level however, he breathes through his blowhole. Clanker is an amphibian - he can breathe underwater or above the water.

Clanker is both sentient and capable of feeling pain and discomfort. He originally expresses to Banjo and Kazooie that he wishes to breathe the fresh air, as he is tired of living in dirty water. Once he is above the water level and breathing said fresh air, he complains of a toothache - his teeth hurt as a result of eating too much garbage - so Banjo and Kazooie employ a double tooth egg-straction in order to relieve his pain. Unless he has a very accurate AI, robots cannot feel or express pain.

Next is Clanker’s internals. Inside his stomach, there are clear skeletal structures visible - he appears to have both a spine and a ribcage. In addition, his stomach is filled with fluid, indicating stomach acid or some other gastrointestinal liquids used to aid digestion.

One of the hazards inside Clanker are these things - seemingly sentient fleshy protrusions that whip side to side and can hurt Banjo. I propose these are actually some form of parasite, what we see is their tail and body, as their head is buried into Clanker’s flesh in order to feed off of him. All of these point to Clanker being somewhat alive, having both flesh, organs and blood.


Clanker is a robot

The most obvious sign that Clanker is a robot is his metallic appearance - even his name is a hint towards him not being a living creature. He clanks. Metal clanks. Rusty robots clank. His whole exterior and even some of his interior are made of metal - I presume steel, as he lives primarily in water and doesn’t appear to have rusted - as metals such as copper or iron would.

Next is the anvil and chain. Clanker is anchored in place, possibly so he can't escape his garbage grinding prison, by an anvil and a chain that protrudes from his stomach. Now if he were alive, the act of literally piercing an animal through the stomach, if they were to even survive it - as there's the risk of their vital organs being ruptured or dying from an infection - they would have visible scar tissue around the piercing. Clanker doesn't have anything like that. Also, with tethering a living creature, it would be more common to attach some sort of collar, or if they were to use a piercing, a ring through the nose, like we see in domestic bulls and bullocks.

Let's focus on Clanker’s diet - it seems he subsists primarily on garbage. And yes, while animals such as rats, mice and other vermin have flourished due to living on the refuse of humans, they only really eat our food scraps. Rats don't eat tin cans or scrap metal or anything really that we wouldn't eat. As there is clearly no excess refuse either floating in the water around Clanker or sunken to the bottom of the water, we can presume he eats pretty much anything - including things like metal, plastic and glass. This is unlikely to happen in living creatures as it would be likely to kill them.

Next is the way Clanker speaks. Notice how he starts his sentences? He says “bzzt,” an onomatopoeia for either an electric shock or a computer or robot malfunctioning. Clanker is clearly run down and wearing out due to being overused and probably poorly maintained - thus his speech pattern is broken and he's giving clear signs of being in disrepair. A living creature wouldn't make a sound like that.

Inside Clanker is a section filled with rotating saw blades. This is the section where Bottles the Mole teaches Banjo and Kazooie the Wonderwing ability. As Clanker is used for garbage disposal, I propose these blades are used to slice up larger pieces of waste or things made from metal in order to help Clanker dispose of them easier, akin to a trash compactor or sink disposal. A living creature clearly wouldn't have a mechanical digestion aid inside of them.


So what do you think? Is Clanker alive, or is he a robot? I'm tempted to sit on the fence and stay in the middle and say he's actually both. He's a cyborg - as he clearly possesses sentience, intelligence and feelings and shows signs of having flesh, organs and blood - yet simultaneously has non-organic skin, mechanical parts and has a somewhat robotic way of speaking. Perhaps he was just an ordinary whale at first but fell victim to the experiments of the mad scientist Klungo.

Maybe he was used as a test subject for Gruntilda’s magic - or maybe he simply adapted to his surroundings and had the Snippets build him a snazzy steel suit to protect him and he became more and more mechanical as he was used like a machine, locked up with no freedom and used as a garbage grinder - he eventually gave up and accepted his fate. Whew, Banjo-Kazooie is pretty dark sometimes huh?


Kindergarten Guide - Lily's Storyline

This is a little guide for the Steam title Kindergarten - it's a great little puzzle/logic/interactive story game, costs only £3.99 and will keep you entertained and scratching your head for hours. Many of the puzzles and characters' storylines require strict timing and succession of events - and I recommend you try your hardest to figure out the puzzles on your own before consulting my guide below.

With that being said, if you're pulling your hair out - here's the guide. Obviously, it contains SPOILERS.

(Click on the screenshots to enlarge them!)


Before school starts:
  • Withdraw $3.00 from your piggy bank.
  • Take Ms. Applegate's phone from your shelf. (You must've first completed Buggs' storyline for this to become available.)
  • Take the forged key to the Principal's office from your shelf. (You must've first completed Monty's storyline for this to become available.) 
  • Take Billy's note from your shelf. (You must've first completed Nugget's storyline for this to become available.)

  • Talk to Lily and tell her you do know what happened to her brother Billy while showing her Nugget's note.
  • Unfortunately neither you or Lily can read yet, so find someone who can - Monty! He will charge you $1.00 to decipher the note. 
  • Return to Lily and tell her what you found out. Then show her the key you have to the Principal's office. 
  • Talk to Monty and purchase the pack of cigarettes. ($1.00) 
  • Talk to Nugget and follow the conversation branches until you are talking about Billy. Press Nugget for information until you are sent to the Principal's office. 
  • When being interrogated by the Principal, agree that you have been feeling sad about Billy. He will give you some of Nugget's special pills. 
  • When allowed to leave, go and check the suspicious and somewhat "out of place" rug - ta-da, it's the secret hatch!

Morning time:
  • Upon returning to the classroom, talk to Lily and tell her that you found the hatch.
  • Try to leave the classroom - Ms. Applegate will stop you. Ask her if you *may* use the bathroom and she will give you the bathroom pass. Use this to get past the hall monitor. 
  • Inspect each toilet cubicle and the dirty toilet then tell the Janitor to do his job for a change and clean it up! 
  • Inspect the bloody bags and take the severed finger... 

  • Talk to Lily and tell her that you found a severed finger...
  • Talk to Monty and ask him if he has finished deciphering the note from earlier.
  • Take the note to Lily. Agree to team up with her and go to the bathrooms to deal with the hall monitor.
  • He is easily bribed with the pack of cigarettes you bought earlier from Monty. Lily will then use the phone to call the Principal in order to get him to leave his office. Go to his office and use your key to gain entry. 
  • The hatch needs a code to access it, so inspect the drawer on the left-hand side of the Principal's desk and enter your code. 
  • Use your key to open the hatch...


  • Ah! A secret underground laboratory with bio-organic weapons in cultivation tanks! How novel, what an original concept for a video game! 
  • Ahem. Anyway, Billy is the creature suspended in the central tank. There is a specific order in which you must press the coloured buttons. Incorrect guesses will either result in monsters escaping or Billy being... liquidised.
  • The correct order is...
    • YELLOW
    • RED
    • YELLOW
    • GREEN
    • BLUE