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Gamer's Wardrobe: Vault 101 T-Shirt

Another frequent feature to my blog is my new "Gamer's Wardrobe" collection of posts - where I shall model my top gaming swag, T-shirts, hats, wristbands; whatever I happen to own or have purchased recently.

Today I present to you: The Vault 101 T-Shirt

[£.9.98 from Zerg Tees, sizes S-2XL]

For the Vault Dweller who needs a bit more mobility, something less restricting than their bulky Vault Jumpsuit. :D

The T-shirt itself fits comfortably, is printed well (not the usual 'shiny' cheap-looking T-shirt print, it's suitably worn-looking, just like a real Fallout piece of clothing) and is nice and cheap for gamers on a budget.

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