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I Completed Final Fantasy VII When I Was Five

Today is my big brother Ian's birthday - (I bought him Heavy Rain for the PS3 and Borderlands GOTY for the Xbox 360, so he can play it with me online bwhaha) - so I'm recalling a story from when I was 5 and he was 17 - the day I COMPLETED FINAL FANTASY VII WHEN I WAS FIVE.

For weeks I'd been watching Ian play Final Fantasy VII - I didn't really understand the story, but I remember the key moments of a) blowing up reactor 1, b) fighting the Lost Number inside the Shinra Mansion and c) breeding the Gold Chocobos. I liked watching the boss battles the best, because there was lots of magic and summon monsters were awesome - especially Ifrit.

Ian also changed the names of a few of the characters - I remember Cait Sith being named 'Whoop Ass' for some reason - Barret was 'Barre', he blamed his friend for deleting the T, and Tifa was 'TifaA' - I made the joke that if he were to play it again she should be TifaB.

Anyway, I was watching the final boss with Sephiroth in The Crater - and after defeating now what I know were Bizarro and Safer Sephiroth - then came the mother of all endings - the OMNISLASH finisher - with BLOOD!

A.K.A. - THIS:
(video provided by YouTube user boubaks7895)

Anyway - Ian then gave me the controller and told me to PRESS CIRCLE when it says LIMIT BREAK. I was an overexcited child and just manically bashed the circle button - but did press it at the right time and therefore, finished Final Fantasy VII when I was FIVE. :D

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