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Gamer's Wardrobe: "Make It Rain" LoZ:OoT T-Shirt

The second instalment of my Gamer's Wardrobe blog feature, today I present:

[£9.50 from Print Wear Clothing, sizes S-2XL]
[Available in: white, green, black, grey, light blue & royal blue]
For Hyrule residents advertising their love for a) The Song of Storms and b) water for their grass that Link insists on chopping down every time it grows back. :)

As you can see, I chose the black version to fit in with my vast array of heavy metal attire I own (owning practically only black shirts makes washing day so much less hassle!), on the photograph, the transfer looks quite dark and illegible, but as you can see it's printed in a lighter font than on the image. :D

As it's a budget T-shirt, one can't expect the highest quality of printing, and it sort of resembles a basic iron-on transfer rather than a machine-printed one - but I've washed it several times now and it's still holding up nicely. :D