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Hilarious Chinese Fake Lego - Pokémon & Super Mario

I love funny products that are fake, knock-offs or bad foreign imitations. eBay is absolutely full of this stuff, if you know where to look. My answer to that is look for sellers from China.

I've recently been trawling through eBay to find some new interesting things for my unboxing videos. Now I'm getting some ad revenue, I can afford to blow it on some random crap. During one eBay session, I managed to find TWO sets of fake Chinese Lego products, one Pokémon-themed, the other Mario-themed. Would you like to see them?
They're so badly designed and haphazardly assembled, I can't stop laughing all the way through this video:

And here's a step-by-step guide to building the ridiculous fake Lego Mario:


Unboxing: Arcade Block March 2016

It's time for my fifth monthly Arcade Block!

As I've previously explained; for a fee of $20 CANADIAN per month, Arcade Block will send you a lovely box of gaming merchandise, including a T-shirt. Shipping costs vary, depending on where you live, and larger T-shirt sizes cost a few $ extra - overall, my boxes including shipping, work out at about £24.

This one was shipped on the 25th of March and arrived on the 4th of April.

And let's take a closer look at the contents:
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis figurine
Just Cause 3 memo clip
Pokémon nesting dolls
Mega Man plush
Burger Time/Deadpool T-shirt
Stay tuned for next month's Arcade Block!


Portal: Still A-Slimed!

It may come as no surprise to regular readers, but I like to put myself into embarrassing situations for the amusement of my fans. After all, it was only the other month I was eating 34-year old bubblegum.

I'm a big fan of Portal. I'm also a fan of getting messy for fun. Thus, it seemed only a logical choice to combine the two for my latest silly video project I like to call: 

Portal: Still A-Slimed!

So, my challenge was to see if I could sing the "Still Alive" theme to Portal while being doused in slime the signature Portal colours; blue and orange. Did I manage it? See for yourself:

Yup, that was very messy, wasn't it? That was approximately 24 litres of goop dumped over me there. :)

Here's some snapshots, exclusive for my lovely blog readers:
For those of you who are interested in getting slimed yourself or sliming somebody else, I got the packets of slime mix from a great UK site: messysupplies.com - the slime I used was of the natrosol variety, thick consistency. You can choose whatever colours you like - mine were fluorescent blue and fluorescent orange.

A few hints for those of you wishing to get slimed - wear a bathing costume underneath your clothes. It made cleanup so much easier. Also, slime is stupidly slippery; I literally had to crawl out of the pool onto a towel because I couldn't stand up.

I also recommend you keep some clean water and a towel on standby to wipe your eyes and face if you need to. Also, old towels are ideal to prevent slipping everywhere. I also wore an old pair of glasses. They cleaned up well, but it was just an extra precaution. :)

What did the slime feel like?
Surprisingly heavy, to be honest. Also, it was warm, as the directions said to mix it with warm water. I've been slimed with cold slime before; and I have to say I prefer it warm. It's far more pleasant.
About an inch of slime in the pool :)
What did the slime taste like?
Slightly soapy, but nothing too unpleasant.
The force of the orange slime almost knocked my glasses off!
Does it sting if it goes in eyes/ears/nose?
In my eyes, yes it did a little bit. But not as bad as shampoo. Up my nose, it just felt like really thick bogies. I didn't get any in my ears, so I can't comment on that.
Old towels are a godsend
How did we clean it up? 
Well, because the slime was so thick, I was able to scoop 3/4 of it back into the buckets. Then it was a matter of sluicing down myself, the buckets and the pool. The slime was easily diluted down with water while Shelly washed my hair and rinsed out the clothes I was wearing.
My (temporary) bright orange scalp
Would you get slimed again?
Hell yes. :)


Custom Sims: Barret Wallace, Final Fantasy VII

Here's another of my custom Sims - let's stay within the world of Final Fantasy VII for a while longer, while I show off my Barret Wallace Sim.

As I mentioned before, I use no mods or custom content - just expansion pack, stuff pack and store content to make my Sims, as it's more of a challenge with limited items at my disposal.
Here's my Barret, a thick wristband thing replacing his gun arm - gloves, green trousers, massive boots, military jacket and his iconic haircut and facial hair.

What do you think? Care to show me how you'd make Barret in The Sims? Post it on Twitter and @MogAnarchy :D