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Animal Crossing: New Leaf RVs - Wendell

Today I'm going to show you around the RV of the "starving" artist - walrus Wendell. 

Wendell is a local RV, meaning he shows up randomly in your campsite without the use of an Amiibo.

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The exterior of Wendell's RV is patterned in blue and tan colours - a nod to the patched and tattered clothes he wore in previous Animal Crossing games.

The interior of Wendell's RV is appropriately themed around his two main loves in life - art; with the papers, crayons, painting and paintball floor, and food - with a table full of goodies.

Furniture for sale:
  • 1 piece of wallpaper
  • 1 piece of carpet
  • 10 pieces of furniture
Total cost: 36 MEOW coupons.
Crayons (Furniture)
Can only bought from RVs

Concrete Wall (Wallpaper)
Can be obtained from Saharah or bought from RVs

Paintball Floor (Carpet)
Can be bought from the museum shop (donate 20 works of art) or bought from RVs

Pasta (Furniture)
Can only be bought from RVs

Retro Fridge (Furniture)
Can be bought from Timmy & Tommy or bought from RVs

Rice Balls (Furniture)
Can be bought from Harvey's shop or bought from RVs

Roasted Dino Meat (Furniture)
Can be bought from Harvey's shop or bought from RVs

Scattered Papers (Furniture)
(This piece is customised)
Can only be bought from RVs

Sloppy Sink (Furniture)
Can be bought from Re-Tail (rare) or bought from RVs

Sloppy Table (Furniture)
Can be bought from Re-Tail (rare) or bought from RVs

Tacos (Furniture)
Can only be bought from RVs

Wendell's Painting (Furniture)
Can only be bought from RVs


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