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Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards - Ridiculously Expensive... Especially In Europe!

Did you know that both Animal Crossing Amiibo and Animal Crossing Amiibo cards are region-free? Well of course; they're simple add-on content for games, why wouldn't they be? And as an added bonus - we can bag a deal online from eBay sellers who might not be from the same country we are - or we can play with exclusive cards or Amiibo that weren't released over here.

So while trawling eBay for deals on the RIDICULOUSLY overpriced Animal Crossing Amiibo cards - I've discovered something.


Did you know... every pack of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards is guaranteed to contain a special character? One of the holographic cards of a special NPC - basically - Isabelle, Resetti, Tom Nook etc. 

Take series 1 for example - there are SEVENTEEN special cards and EIGHTY-THREE normal cards. The likelihood of completing your collection of special cards is incredibly high - whilst encountering a regular villager card - or at least a specific one is rather low.

OK, so how does that mean Europeans are getting shafted? Japanese and US players are getting shafted too?


The packs that are for sale in the UK and Europe cost around £3.20-£3.99 per pack - and our packs contain THREE cards. That's more than £1 PER CARD. I managed to find a seller on eBay selling packs of the US versions of the cards for £6... and their packs contain SIX CARDS. The cards themselves cost around the same - BUT...

They too only contain ONE special card! Where we get TWO normal cards, they get FIVE! The sheer prices people are hoping to get for individual cards - particularly popular characters like Punchy, Bob and Kabuki - absolute insanity. Shelly and I both would like a town full of CATS - 10 cat villagers - and thanks to Amiibo cards, this is now possible... if people weren't charging prices like THIS:
And if we were to buy the blind packages of cards - we'd soon be getting doubles, especially of the "special" characters - we could sell those on eBay - except NOBODY IS BUYING THEM. Nobody is buying them because the name "special" character is a misnomer - they're less rare than the regular cards!

If we were to buy the blind packages to complete the album (the album incidentally is very cheap - £7 and it comes with a pack of cards that normally cost £3.99 - the album is like £2!) we would theoretically end up spending double what a non-European player would in order to complete their collection!

And the problem is; this isn't going to change. In fact, it's going to get worse. I've been watching the prices slowly climbing since last October. We've really chosen a bad time to get into these poxy cards. They sell the albums and games dirt cheap, and gouge us up the arse (especially if you live in Europe) for the damn cards. 

Amusingly, the Amiibo themselves are decreasing in price, I recently nabbed Resetti for £5.20 and Rover for £5.40 - and you can display those on a shelf!

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