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Skyrim - The "Sexy Lockpick" Mod?!

Skyrim is an amazing game - that's something 99% of humanity can agree on. And modded Skyrim is even better. Vanilla Skyrim only has so much to offer - and I like it so much I want it to last as long as possible - hence why I use a lot of different mods.

As far as mods go, we can divide them into several specific categories.

  • Immersion mods (mods that increase the overall immersion of Skyrim) (e.g. Frostfall)
  • Item mods (Mods that add new recipes, weapons and collectables) (e.g. Ingredients of Tamriel)
  • Sound and graphics mods (mods that improve the graphics and ambient sounds of Skyrim) (e.g. Enhanced Blood Textures)
  • Quest mods (mods that add new quests) (e.g. Helgen Reborn)
  • House mods (mods that add new player homes) (e.g. Haven Bag)
  • World mods (mods that add whole new world's to explore) (e.g. Falskaar)
  • Mechanics mods (mods that alter Skyrim’s mechanics) (e.g. Hunterborn)
  • Stupid mods 

And the stupid mods are aplenty - naked character mods, silly weapons mods, downright out of place mods - and the most ridiculous, pointless and stupid mod I've ever found. 

The sexy Lockpick mod.
As you can see; this mod alters the standard Lockpick mini game - changing the keyhole into a woman's vagina and anus. As you do.

What's even weirder is the fact she will orgasm upon success and scream in pain when you fail. What the actual fuck.

If you ever find someone using this mod - smash their PC, tie them up and lock them in a dark cupboard for several days to reflect upon their life choices.

At least change the standard Lockpick tools into gigantic purple dildos. Jeez, some people.

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