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Petty Niggles: Borderlands 2's Shitty Snow Effects

I loved the original Borderlands - and it had been a while since I treated myself to a new game, so I invested in a copy of Borderlands 2. Yes, I know I'm almost 2 years late, but listen to me for a minute. 

When Borderlands 2 came out in the UK, during launch week and for the first few months, it was around £30-£39.99 in shops and online. I waited and for virtually the same price, I bought the Deluxe Vault Hunter's Edition (because I love collectors editions and all the random goodies they come packaged with) and the season pass, which contains all 4 DLC campaigns. The game was £26 and the season pass was £19.99. So for just over the original retail price - I've gotten the game, all of the bonus goodies (including the amazing Marcus bobblehead) and all 4 DLC packs. And all I had to do was wait 2 years. :P
Seriously - when most games come out, their collector's editions range from £80 to like £150 - wait a few years and you can get them from £10-£50 (depending on the game, of course - Duke Nukem Forever's limited edition is only £12 now, while Fallout: New Vegas is still around £60) I'm considering buying some of the limited editions when I get some money - just for the lovely boxes, art books and bonus crap - even if I already have the standard game (i.e. Duke Nukem Forever, Alan Wake, Fable III etc.)

Anyway - after waiting like 4 hours for the game and all of the DLC packs to bloody install, I've been playing it non-stop. I love it, it's awesome. So far, I wouldn't say it's AS immersive as the original, but I can sense change in the air. Or should I say, the snow.

Yes, the snow. It's getting on my nerves. Not because of the atmosphere, or the sound effects or anything like that. But because of THIS:
Why is the fucking snow hitting the screen?! Does REAL snow hit you in the EYES? No, it fucking doesn't! Even if you wear glasses, like I do - snow doesn't plaster itself all up in your eyeballs. And snow that falls as slowly and gently as the snow in Borderlands 2 certainly doesn't! You'd need to be standing in a serious blizzard with a motorbike helmet on! And how many of the four starting character actually wear something over their face/eyes? ONE. It's Zero. Who I am NOT playing as! I'm playing as the Siren character, Maya (because I played as Lilith in Borderlands 1 and loved the Siren's ability). She doesn't wear ANYTHING on her head!

You would think by now, with video games becoming more realistic and whatnot - they'd iron out this sort of shit. But no. Even sometimes in games like Fallout 3/New Vegas when the screen gets covered in blood, I think it's a bit too much - but you seriously need to be getting hit in the face, get a crippling blow to the head or be popping out of your mam's fanny before the screen really gets blurry and bloodied up. 

Unless your character wears glasses or a helmet - rain/snow/blood/etc should NOT be hitting the goddamn screen!

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