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A Rant About: Nexuiz

Let me tell you a story. 

I once saw a game called Nexuiz for sale on Xbox Live Arcade. It had been reduced to 200 Microsoft Points. I jumped at the chance to get a game so cheap. I didn't realise that Nexuiz is a shitty online sci-fi first-person-shooter that I hated. I'm not the biggest fan of online first-person-shooters, but some can be fun. Nexuiz consists of repetitive environments, bog-standard weaponry, retarded power-ups and frequent level sections that leave you bouncing around in the air from jump platform to jump platform. 

I played for an hour and was unfortunate enough to get 15G worth of achievements.
Why unfortunate? Because the publisher, THQ went out of business soon after its release, the game was delisted from Xbox Live Arcade and the online servers were shut down.

With the unfortunate events that have took place for well-known publishers THQ over the past few months, it's unsurprising to see their XBLA title, Nexuiz vanish from the Games Marketplace, especially after the servers for the game just recently felt the wrath of the shutdown-axe, too.

Nexuiz was recently part of a game publisher weekend deal that saw the game reduced from 800 MSP to 200 MSP. Many of you will have probably scooped the title up at the time, but if you didn't get around to starting the game, then the completion won't be coming your way anytime soon. Based around first-person online multiplayer madness, the server shutdown has rendered nine of the 12 achievements unobtainable. With no warning or notice to the servers being switched off, this is just the harsh way the cookie has crumbled for this particular THQ title. 

That is the quote provided to explain what happened.

So, if you have Nexuiz on your harddrive and have never played it - well done, you avoided this glitchy, broken and otherwise horrible game. Delete it and free up around 1000MB of space that can be used to store less shitty games.

If you are like me and have a few achievements - get used to the incomplete status. It has forever ruined your achievement completion percentage.

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