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The Unwritten Rules Of Animal Crossing Island That Everybody Should Follow!

As a regular frequenter of the Animal Island in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I have compiled a list of basic rules that everybody should follow. If Nintendo ever decide to write an Animal Crossing Code Of Conduct - they should take my advice!


1. Say hello - Whenever someone new arrives on the island, just say "hi", or even "yo", it's two letters and it'll make them feel welcome. I like to chat to people on the island, mainly because I'm quite a fast typer and I like to make new friends, but when people don't even acknowledge my presence, I get a bit pissed off. ¬_¬

2. Don't ragequit - If someone pisses you off, block them and leave.  There is no fucking need to turn off your wi-fi. I must've lost about a million bells' worth of bugs and sharks due to wankers ragequitting - whenever I get that sodding error message, I feel like KILLING someone. 

3. Ask about tours - If you want to go on tours with other people, just ask them! "Wanna go on a tour?" or even "tours?" will suffice. I get a bit pissed when people just go and set up tours without me. And if they don't want to - that's fine, just leave them to whatever they were doing and go by yourself!
4. Take turns picking tours - If someone does agree to go on a tour with you, ask them what they like to do. It pisses me off no end when people don't ask what tours I like and I end up doing wank ones like the hammer tour. Also, ask about the difficulty - I can easily do the 3-star tour of all of the levels, so when people pick beginner, I feel like pulling out my hair. 
5. Look at peoples' TCPs - Just seeing what badges they have, what their personal message is or even when their birthdays are can open up some conversation. I have the web address to this blog on my TCP, and I love it when people say "hey, what's that website?" or "is that a link to a blog?" and I'm like YES READ IT PLZ LOL KTHNX. 

6. Have your friend code written down - Some people use the island as a way to exchange friend codes and you cannot press the home button and see what your code is when you are online. Having it written down on a piece of paper or in a notebook makes everybody's life easier. 

7. Don't try and steal bugs/fish - If you see someone fishing by a shark or approaching a bug on a tree with a net in their hand, LEAVE THEM ALONE. They saw it first, they're entitled to it. There's a time and a place for competing, and that is on tours! While you are working together, you can also compete to see who can catch the most and earn the most medals. 

8. Don't take your 3DS into the bathroom with you - Not only for reasons of hygiene, straying too far away from your Wi-Fi router or hub can cause your 3DS to lose connection and give everyone else an error message, causing them to resent you. I've done this by accident once with my fiancee Shelly and she wasn't happy. :)

9. Don't fucking beg for bells - Jesus Christ if there's one thing that pisses me off, it's wankers who beg for bells. Yes, I have 50 million bells in the bank and 4 fully upgraded houses. I earned my money through catching bugs on the island and my time-travelling turnip scam; but why the fuck should I give it to you? Begging for money is for filthy gippos (British slang, look it up) - if you want money, make me an offer. Sell me your shoes or something. But stop fucking begging, you whinging, greedy, lazy prick holes. 
10. STOP FUCKING RUNNING - If you see someone with a net or a fishing rod, they are obviously trying to catch bugs or fish - do them a favour and fucking WALK. It's not difficult. The island is only small, you hardly need to be fucking charging around like a gazelle on steroids. I have so much resentment towards people who scare away rare beetles and fucking sharks. 

11. Stop digging holes/cutting down trees - Seriously, why do people do this? Especially when they see me with a big net, they take it upon themselves to chop down all the sodding trees. OK, fine, if you want those bugs that live on tree stumps, cut down ONE tree. As for digging holes, I've come across a lot of islands where people are making fucking 'mazes' or some shit, but seriously, what is the fucking point? 

12. Watch your fucking language - Lmao. OK, well I play Animal Crossing online at like 11PM at night, sometimes until like 3AM. I sometimes swear when I talk to people, but little kids shouldn't really be playing at that time of night. But during the day or if you suspect young players are on the island with you, watch what you say - especially when it comes to anything sexual or suggestive. I'm really surprised Nintendo didn't put a block on swear words like they did in the other Animal Crossing games - and they weren't even really focused on playing online as much as New Leaf is. 
13. Counter-troll the trolls - For some reason there are a lot of trolls who go to the Animal Crossing island. You know, those wankers who beg for money, run around to scare your bugs and fish, try and block you in by digging holes and basically doing everything I've mentioned above. Well the best way I've found to deal with them (other than blocking them of course), is to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON. Keep trying to catch stuff. They can't scare away butterflies, they can't be on both sides of the island at once and they can't scare away sea creatures. One troll soon decided to leave me alone after he didn't manage to stop me from catching 5 Goliath beetles and a saw shark. Alternatively, if there are two or more people on the island - block the trolls in by using holes and yourselves. If you both stand on either side inbetween two lines of holes, they can't get out. :)


  1. Hahaha lol "sell me your shoes" Everyone should follow these f*cking rules on AC:NL!

    1. Your kind words are much appreciated kind sir or madam. By the way, you can buy my shoes for 250 Bells. :D