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1990s Nostalgia: Spyro The Dragon Cereal Box Prize

Another forgotten relic of years gone by is when in the morning (usually before school), you'd open up a fresh box of Kellogg's cereal and inside there would be wonderful prizes. (In the UK we never really called them 'cereal box prizes' per se, but the influx of American TV shows sort of introduced us to the phrase) You'd find stationery (like pencil sharpeners), little toys, action figures, books and sometimes CDs or CD-Roms. Because I'm from the 90s (and the UK), I missed the trend of decoder rings and stuff - but I did manage to find this:
That is a little plastic toy of Spyro The Dragon. So I'm assuming Kellogg's ran this deal around the time Spyro The Dragon was at his peak of popularity during the Playstation 1 era, somewhere around 1998. Remember when Spyro used to be good? Before the influx of all this fucking Skylanders bullshit? Yes, everyone with any decent taste in games knows that the last good Spyro game was Spyro 3: The Year Of The Dragon, and the series went downhill from there - very similar to the fate of Crash Bandicoot - as soon as they hit the PS2, they got shittier and shittier. At least Crash Bandicoot never lent his visage to a series of games that cost upwards of £500 to access every area of the fucking game! 
FIVE FUCKING GRAND. Are you SERIOUS? And in order to maintain their mint condition, you'd NEVER be able to remove them from the packets! Oh, and bear in mind, these are just the figures - NO game is included! I mean for fuck's sake, I'm all for DLC - and the idea of DLC you can physically hold in your hand is awesome - but Skylanders as a gaming property is just utter SHITE. I mean really, compare this:
To this:
What the fuck really. What the bloody hell did they do to Spyro? The original 1998 Spyro in his pseudo-64-bit graphics looks a million times better than the new Spyro. He looks like he's got some sort of learning disability, with his fat face and squished nose. The 90s Spyro was cute, as well as being quite cocky. How I miss the 1990s. :(


  1. I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!! I think you could get Crash Bandicoot too =)

    1. Yeah, it might have been like a Sony/Playstation series of toys. :)