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The following post contains MASSIVE spoilers regarding the following games:

9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
Alice: Madness Returns
Batman: Arkham City
Dead Space
Heavy Rain
Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Mirror's Edge
Red Dead Redemption
Silent Hill 2
Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

If you plan to play any of these games in the near future, don't say you weren't warned!


Remember my custom-made Final Fantasy VII t-shirt

Well I was thinking to myself, if FF7 was a more recent game, I could potentially get my head kicked in if someone who hadn't finished the game saw me wearing it and I thus ruined the one major spoiler in the game for them. Well, Final Fantasy VII is almost 17 years old now and available on many different platforms. There is NO EXCUSE to have not played it!

During the massive hype regarding the release of one of those shitty Harry Potter books, you could buy a shirt that said: "DUMBLEDORE DIES ON PAGE ___" (I'm not fucking sad enough to know which page) - and I thought it was fucking amazing. 

So, using my amazing Adobe Photoshop skills, I've created a collection of video game SPOILER T-SHIRTS. If I ever frequent Zazzle.co.uk, again to make myself another shirt, I will consider making one of these:

"Osterzone is Dunning Smith" is my personal favourite out of this collection I've made. Unfortunately, as Hotel Dusk is a rare gem that nobody has played, its effect would probably sail right over everybody's head.

When I get some more ideas (and finish some more games that I still haven't played yet, despite their critical acclaim and hype *cough*Skyrim*cough*), I might make some more SPOILER T-SHIRTS to amuse you all. :D

Also, feel free to use a site like Zazzle.co.uk to make your own versions of my digital shirts!



    1. I was gonna do one for the other Silent Hill games, but none of their massive spoilers even compare to Silent Hill 2's. :)