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Mini Review: Burger

I'm not a big fan of phone games, I prefer console or PC stuff simply because I'm not a filthy casual. However, if you ever need to kill a few minutes, are forced to endure your family gatherings or simply don't have your DS on you, some of the Android games are pretty decent. 

My favourites are naturally, Bejeweled, Doodle God, Fruit Ninja and those free quiz games where you match logos/flags/characters etc. I'm also a big fan of the Akinator, simply because I'm getting very good at kicking his genie arse with my obscure gaming knowledge (a post on this coming soon!). 

Another lesser-known game however, is a free Android download simply called BURGERBurger is a free downloadable app by a company called Magma Mobile and is available on Android phones and tablets, the Apple Store and on Windows Phones too. 

You work as a fast food clerk and fill out as many orders as you can within a time limit, earning more money and unlocking more burger ingredients and side orders. You get people ordering basic cheeseburgers with fries and a Coke, fat fucks who want three Cokes, two fries and a burger with 5 patties and a slice of lettuce or total fucking weirdos who ask for ketchup in a sesame seed bun. WTF? 

It's very simple, fairly addictive and it's FREE. The only problem is, if you're fat (like me), it might make you crave burgers. :)

I find it's easiest to play if you use both thumbs, using your left for ingredients and your right for side orders. It can also go on for AGES. I'm only in like March and I still haven't unlocked everything. Yeah, and for some reason you never get a day off in this fast food restaurant - your boss must be a right twat. 

It also has a silly little create-a-burger mode that you can piss about in - or give it to a kid to keep them quiet for 5 minutes where all of the ingredients and side orders are unlocked. You can take screenshots too. So this is my perfect order if I were a customer in Burger:
It really baffles me though why anybody would want a whole, raw fish in their burger with its head, scales and tail still on though...

Nuggets Of Recommendation:

You'll like this game if you like:
- Timed colour/picture matching puzzles
- Pick-up-and-play style gameplay
- Free Android apps

Similar games:
- Bejeweled
- BurgerTime
- Pressure Cooker


  1. I really like this game just gets boring��

    1. Most phone games do; their retention time is only suitable for commuting and taking a shit. :)

  2. I want to marry you