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The SNES Cartridge Urinal: My Thoughts

While looking for ideas for a new Frequent Feature I'm planning, I came across this weird picture with an even weirder caption. I was intriguied and clicked onto their blog. So it seems a group of dudes used an array of D.I.Y. tools, piping, sealant and 40 SNES cartridges to make this:
That is a URINAL made out of SNES CARTRIDGES

I'm really conflicted, what do I make of this? Yes, in their post, they clearly state that all the cartridges they used were either broken or shitty sports games that people were selling for like one cent online. They also had a YouTube video embedded that showed the urinal in action - yeah, it ACTUALLY WORKS! But I noticed that 80% of their responses were really negative; the video had tons of dislikes and a fuckload of butthurt fanboys whinging on in the comments. 

It's actually a really cool idea, making furniture out of stuff - it's something I find really fascinating. People use all sorts of things to make tables and chairs and whatnot - so why not a toilet? Seriously butthurt fanboys, chill the fuck out - he's not pissing on YOUR games. He's also not pissing on like a mint condition Earthbound or Super Mario World (these games sell for like £2000 mint condition online) - he's pissing on BROKEN shitty SPORTS TITLES. You wouldn't play them, nobody wants to play them, nobody was buying them - might as well piss on them! 

But seriously though, if you wanted to make a urinal out of cartridges that really made a statement... Make one out of this:
And for the eagle-eyed readers, yes, I'm collecting ideas for a new Frequent Feature... I may have just given away what it'll be... Toilets... Or making things out of cartridges. :P


  1. but isn't the Atari ET game really rare too?

    1. Not really, I've seen it on eBay for like a fiver.