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Pokémon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge: Part 2

After obtaining the Boulderbadge, I set off for Mt. Moon. On the way along Route 4, I kicked the arses of all the dopey junior trainers, especially those who felt the need to talk about shorts. 

When in the Pokémon Centre, I took up the offer to buy a Magikarp for $500, and names him LEVIATHAN; because I'm hoping to raise him into an epic Gyrados. I went back into the tall grass to train him and caught a level 8 Spearow, who I nicknamed SPUGGY. (Spuggy is a colloquialism where I live for sparrows. :D) - He got sent to Box 1 in the PC.

Barley 5 steps into Mt. Moon, I find a level 10 Geodude and promptly use Happy to catch him. I name him CHUNKY. Unfortunatley this is where I need to say goodbye to Happy. He's been useful so far, but now I'm replacing him with Chunky. I went back to the Pokémon Centre and swapped Happy for my new Chunky.
Going through Mt. Moon, beating the endless trainers and poxy wild Zubats - Pinpoint reaches level 16 and evolves! Time to find a Moon Stone...

Exploring the caves, I find a number of items, including a TM and TWO Moon Stones (one is hidden, by the way), so Pinpoint is now a fully evolved Nidoking. Awesome.

Then I started to find the Team Rocket grunts and... I got my first DEATH. CHEWY DIED! My starter Pokémon no less! 

R.I.P. CHEWY. :(
On the way out of Mt. Moon, I picked up the Helix Fossil and beat Jessie and James. I suppose Pokémon Yellow was trying to appeal to the fans of the anime who had never played Red or Blue - but it's going to be really weird playing through the rest of the game without a goddamn Pikachu! Nah, not really, every time I played through Yellow as a kid I always boxed the little fucker; he's useless and even refuses to evolve!
The state of my team after leaving Mt. Moon

I reached Cerulean City, healed up, did the general tasks and chit-chat around town. As I suspected earlier though, you can't release your stupid Pikachu, so I put him in Box 12. Let us forget about him. He's in a coma, shall we say.

I left Spuggy in Box 1 with Happy; I'd rather see what I can find on the next route, as I already have my bird Pokémon, Guano. And then I headed off for Nugget Bridge before facing Misty.

On Nugget Bridge, I encounter Blue again and make short work of his shitty team; almost all normal-types with Pinpoint and his Double Kick. I can already see Pinpoint ending up in my final team... 

Anyway, I beat the trainers on Nugget Bridge, then grab my lovely free Charmander from the NPC in the corner of Route 25 - I name him WHOOP-ASS. Then I wander in the tall grass and catch myself a Bellsprout. I name it WEEDKILLER, and he goes to the PC box. On the way to visit Bill, I battle all the random NPCs and grind some more levels in the tall grass; both Whoop-Ass and Guano evolve at level 16 and Rattfratz evolves at level 20.

Before fighting Misty, I take a walk around on Route 5; catch myself a level 3 Jigglypuff, name her PUFFY, unintentive, I know. 
I also drop off Leviathan at the Daycare centre for a bit - fuck me, levelling up a Magikarp is like pulling teeth... Then I go to Cerulean Gym and kick some arse - without any type advantages!
My current team


PURCHASED - Magikarp, level 5, LEVIATHAN

ROUTE 4 - Spearow, level 10, SPUGGY

MT. MOON - Geodude, level 10, CHUNKY

CHEWY DIED! - killed by Rocket's level 13 Rattata

GIFT - Charmander, level 10, WHOOP-ASS

ROUTE 25 - Bellsprout, level 12, WEEDKILLER

ROUTE 5 - Jigglypuff, level 3, PUFFY

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