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Pokémon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge: Part 1

So, I've been wanting to get back into the old Pokémon games again. I originally wanted to play through Red (or Blue) while Shelly played with me on the opposite colour - but she's boring and won't play with me, so I decided that I'd attempt my own:


I kept some of the original rules, as well as adding my own. These are my TWELVE rules for my challenge:

1. Nickname all Pokémon

2. Pokémon that faint are DEAD, and are to be released

3. Only use basic Pokéballs

4. Do not buy any healing items from Pokémarts - only buy Pokéballs. Only use items found or given by NPCs

5. No running from battles

6. Can only catch ONE Pokémon per route/area (the FIRST one you see, unless have already caught one before, then you can take a mulligan, A.K.A. the duplicates rule)

7. After reaching a full team of six, new Pokémon can be caught, but cannot be used until a party member DIES.

8. Party members can only be switched for those in storage if they are FULLY EVOLVED (exceptions to the rule are Pokémon that require a trade to evolve, or Pokémon that don't evolve)

9. No trading from other game paks - trades can only be used to evolve the small handful of awkward fuckers who evolve when traded

10. With regards to the Safari Zone; I can catch ONE Pokémon per SCREEN (there are around 6 screens in all)

11. Revives/Max Revives CAN be used; but they cannot be purchased!

12. No glitches! No Missingno and no Mew glitch either!

So I start out, I name my character RED and his rival is BLUE; of course. (I was going to call him YELLOW, but it looked weird.) One thing I don't like about the original few Pokémon games is the fact that everybodys' names are in CAPTIAL LETTERS, so if you write your name properly, you look totally out of place.

I get the shitty starter Pikachu - name him CHEWY. Pikachu is such an overrated motherfucker. One thing that worries me is I don't even know if you can release your starter Pikachu in Yellow... Hrrrrm.

We beat BLUE in his initial fight, grind some levels on Route 1, got Oak's parcel and return to Pallet Town. I loop back on myself and buy a fuckload of Pokéballs, as many as I can afford. 

I return to Route 1 and catch myself a level 4 Ratatta, name him RATTFRATZ. German Pokémon fans will know, this is Rattata's name auf Deutsch. I think it's awesome. :)

I find the hidden Potion in Viridian City and go to Route 22. Here I run into a few Rattatas, kick their arses until something new appears - which is a male Nidoran. I use Rattfratz to catch him - HE ALMOST DIES, DROPS TO 1HP!!! - I name the Nidoran PINPOINT.

I grind a little more then walk ahead to the first encounter with BLUE - kill his new Spearow and old Eevee - CHEWY ALMOST DIES!!!! - get me some more moneyz. I grind some more, get Chewy up to level 10 and set off for Viridian Forest.

On Route 2, I make an attempt to catch a female Nidoran; but Rattfratz killed it. I'm not too bothered, at least I have one of the Nidoran family members.

Upon arrival in Viridian Forest, I use Rattfratz to catch a Caterpie, which I name HAPPY, inspired by Ritchie's Butterfree in the anime.
I mooched around the forest, battling all the retarded NPC trainers, picking up all the items and grinding levels.

Then I was at Route 3, while roaming in the little patch of long grass outside Pewter City, I caught a Pidgey, who I named GUANO. (For those who don't know, guano is the scientific name for bird shit. :P) I stayed where I was, building levels until Pinpoint learned Double Kick and Happy evolved up to a Butterfree. Now to battle Brock. :)

This was my team:
With Pinpoint's Double Kick, Brock was dispatched easily enough, and thus ends the first part of my Nuzlocke challenge. :)



STARTER - Pikachu, level 5, CHEWY

ROUTE 1 - Rattata, level 4, RATTFRATZ

ROUTE 22 - Nidoran (M), LEVEL 4, PINPOINT


VIRIDIAN FOREST - Caterpie, level 4, HAPPY

ROUTE 3 - Pidgey, level 4, GUANO


  1. You should be filming your challenge dude :P

    1. I'm going to film my Elite Four challenge, at least. :)
      I didn't think I had enough readers to be interested in watching the whole thing.

  2. Always have a bad luck about not having cut. Hell Im going to restart again cuz my only cut-abled pokemon (diglett) got rammed by a dugtrio! But my team is so strong -.-

    Goodluck in your game, Ive tried nuzlocke 50 times but my additional rule is Pikachu must not die. Never succeeded LOL


    1. I hate Pikachu lol, so I wasn't bothered if he died or not. :)

  3. Great Blog ! This challenge seems.....challenging :)