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Pokémon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge: Part 3

After beating Misty, I take the underground path through to Vermillion City, then take a break on Route 6 to grind some levels and battle the random NPCs. I also manage to catch an Abra, who I name SPOONY. Psychic is my favourite type, so I'm going to try my best to evolve him up and teach him some kick arse TM moves. 
Upon arrival in Vermillion City I picked up the Bike Voucher, but decided against getting the Old Rod, as I already have a Magikarp and in Generation 1, Old Rods couldn't catch anything BUT Magikarps! I run back to Cerulean City and get my ludacrisly expensive bicycle. Before boaring the S.S. Anne, I take a few steps into Diglett's Tunnel and catch my own Diglett; I call him WHACKA - after the character from the Paper Mario series who looks like a blue Diglett, basically.

On Route 11 I battle the trainers and grind a few more levels, as well as catching a Drowzee. Even though I already have my psychic type sorted out, I now have a fall-back in case Spoony gets killed. Anyway, I name him PENDULUM, grab the hidden Hyper Potion on route 12 next to the sleeping Snorlax then head back to the Pokémon Centre. 

I deposit good ol' Rattfratz, as normal types are now becoming rapidly weak and obsolete. I pick up Leviathan, who is now level 20 and evolve him up with a Rare Candy. Before boarding the S.S. Anne, I also evolve Spoony up to a Kadabra at level 16. I'm going to try later to see if my mega-faulty link cable can hold out for a trade to Blue/Red - I needs me an awesomely overpowered Alakazam, I do.

Nothing major happens on board the S.S. Anne - I pussy out and leave the boat a few times to heal - I'm not risking any more of my babies dying. Blue is dispatched easily enough, along with all of the sailors and absolutley loaded gentlemen trainers. I get HM01, teach it to Whoop-Ass. I may delete it later, but at the moment, he doesn't need to know Leer. Well, he NEVER needed to know Leer, really.

I go back through Diglett's Tunnel to grab the items I couldn't get without Cut - and I also find the aide who gives me a HM05 (Flash) for catching 10 Pokémon. Sweet, now Rock Tunnel is sorted. I MAY teach it to Spoony and delete it later, unless I catch something I can use as a HM Slave... Hrrrrm...

With that nonsense aside, I then went to battle Lt. Surge. I've already decided on what electric Pokémon is hopefully going to be in my final team, and thus which one will learn the Thunderbolt TM... Assuming all goes well... Regardless, Pinpoint and Spoony make short work of Surge's team, and we walk away victorious.

TEAM:  6


ROUTE 6 - Abra, level 7, SPOONY

DIGLETT'S CAVE - Diglett, level 20, WHACKA

ROUTE 11 - Drowzee, level 17, PENDULUM

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