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The Walking Dead: My 400 Days DLC Choices!

Episode Selection:


Here we are, my last blog in my series of The Walking Dead choices (that is, until TellTale Games bring out the series 2 episodes) - the choices I made during the somewhat unrelated-to-the-main-story DLC episode "400 Days". Like before, there will be massive SPOILERS.

Despite 400 Days not fitting in with the other 5 episodes I'd just finished (I was expecting an epilogue-style episode), I actually quite liked each chapter being about one specific character. I'd say about half of them were twats and the other half were the type of people I personally would like to spend a zombie apocalypse with.

This is a screenshot of my results from 400 Days:
During 400 Days, I found I was in the majority for 1 of the 5 choices, the minority for 3 of the 5 choices and a complete 50/50 result for Wyatt's chapter.

Shot Danny's foot: Danny was a fucking RAPIST. I don't get why I'm in the minority for this choice. People would rather save a rapist than a thief?  Are you people fucking RETARDED? He RAPED A MINOR. He deserves worse than having his foot shot off! I bet the reason I'm in the minority here is that the camera started out by pointing at Justin and you twats were too lazy to move your control stick!

Stayed in the car: I needed to win Rock-Paper-Scissors for the achievement. It amuses me that the choice here is a straight 50/50 - that means half of the Xbox 360 players don't have the achievement. :P

Left Nate: Yeah, like I was going to kill old people for no reason. What a tosser.

Honest with Leland: You've probably noticed a trend with the honesty stuff. Besides, it was an accident, give people some goddamn slack.

Killed Stephanie: I went with what Becca wanted. I didn't want to risk getting killed by escaping.

After I got the results for the standard 5 choices, I also found out who stayed at the camp and who went to the refuge: Only Russell stayed at the camp - Fuck knows why. He was my least favourite of the 5 anyway, I hope he gets eaten alive. What, so you stay at a camp and get eaten because I wouldn't let you shoot some old people? Prick hole.

Episode Selection:



  1. GRRRR it took me like 50 times to win that stupid rock/paper/scissors game!

    1. It took me about 7 attempts. Guide button FTW. :D