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Gamer's Wardrobe: "I Cried When Aeris Died" Custom T-Shirt

Hey dudes, welcome to my third instalment of my Gamer's Wardrobe collection - this week I present to you a shirt I made myself on Zazzle.co.uk - which is an awesome site, reasonably priced, lots of customisation options and of course, is British, so it operates in ££££s and ships to the UK without having a fanny fit about it. :)

I'd seen a shirt similar to this online before; and I wanted it. But there were two problems: 1) It was £17, and 2) The font style was fucking Times New Roman - WTF? So I used Zazzle.com to make my own:

(Please to be ignoring my awful red-eye and the poster of naked ladies behind me. :P)
This shirt cost me around £13 and I got it within like 5 days of ordering it. If you want something on a shirt but they don't sell it in a shop - use Zazzle. :)
Of course I'm a huge Final Fantasy VII fan (in both senses of the word) - so I had to have this t-shirt. Not only is it true, but it sparks numerous conversations with other gamers, i.e.:
Dude: "Isn't it AerITH?"
Me: "It is if you're American."
Dude: "Touché."


  1. I want to make one of these! Mine would say AERITH though :)