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The Walking Dead: My Episode 4 Choices!

Episode Selection:


Only two more episodes left to go after this one - let's look at the choices I made during Episode 4 of The Walking Dead game on XBLA. Like before, there will be massive SPOILERS.

With this episode came the addition of the new character of Molly - who I honestly couldn't make my mind up about. She was a total bitch, yet she was cool. After the big reveal on the video cassette in the nurse's office however, I suppose I felt some sympathy for her. I was also relieved to find Chuck's carcass in the sewer; he was starting to get on my nerves.

This is a screenshot of my results from Episode 4:
This time I found I was in the majority for 4 out of the 5 choices... Nooo, I like to be different. :P

Killed the boy in the attic: Again, this comes down to my psychotic hatred for children, even zombie children. Most games with children in them don't allow you to kill them - when the chance to do so arises, I go for it.

Honest with Vernon: I've tended to be honest throughout the game, I didn't see any point in lying to him. Besides, he's a doctor, you never know when a doctor will come in handy.

Took Clementine to Crawford: I didn't want to leave her behind, she's my babe. :)

Killed Ben: I liked Ben at first but as soon as he revealed it was him who was working with the bandits, I couldn't press B quick enough. The prick deserved it for what ended up happening to my babe Carley.

Revealed the bite: Again with honesty - I also thought I'd get some sympathy from the group.

After the results screen, I also got the screen of who ended up coming with me, which was: Lee, Omid, Christa & Kenny - though I wished I could have dropped Kenny down the belfry as well...

Episode Selection:



  1. Walking Dead would be a great show if not several details the producers just DON’T UNERSTAND… When it comes to zombie movies / games, survival and post apocalypse world, we expect to see zombies vs survivors in the first place, NOT CAMP WARS – not surv vs surv. Bloody governor arc was terrible, I’d rather watch some stupid action movie with higher budget instead since its humans vs humans anyway. I would prefer survivors finding a really cool place, would love to see them fortifying it, inventing stuff to defend against zombies etc etc.
    The wait it is now, I don’t’ get any sense of adventure whatsoever, no Resident Evil spirit, nothing. Just stupid surv camps… Believe it or not, as much as I love zombie stuff, walking dead sometimes is so unwatchable that I just go and make ice cream in Freezeria…. Doh Even the walking dead video game is horrible. Dead Zone is much better imo.

    1. Well I think with the Telltale Games Walking Dead, they tried to take the focus away from the whole apocalypse thing and focus on the relationships between characters. Meh, I like a good zombie shoot 'em up game like Left 4 Dead; I'd rather shoot zombies than I dunno, soldiers. I've never actually watched the Walking Dead TV show, I don't know what I'm missing, or not missing. :)