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Video Game iPod Tracks: Sloprano (HEAVY METAL COVER!)

This is a song I've had on my iPod every since I first discovered it - and recently hammering out some old playlists, I've regained my love for it and listened to it on repeat for hours on end.

When anybody mentions Conker's Bad Fur Day, the first thing most people thing of is THE GREAT MIGHTY POO and his awesome opera singing. I loved the game, I loved that song and took it upon myself to replay the boss battle several times to educate all of my friends on this game's awesomeness.

Anyway. This song. Two words. HEAVY METAL. It's a heavy metal version of The Great Mighty Poo's theme song, A.K.A. Sloprano. It's by an awesome guitarist who goes by the YouTube name of Ensigeetard with sweet vocals by lowalkoroc. It's fucking amazing.

Ensigeetard is also cool - he responded to my comments practically instantly and said he was cool with me embedding this awesome song on my blog. He also does other heavy metal covers of other video game music like Pokémon. :)

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