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I am SOOOO pissed off right now.

I've recently been playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf ever since thanks to Nintendo's sexy promotion, Shelly managed to nab me a free download code when she bought a 3DSXL and a copy of New Leaf. I love the way you can customise your town and make it exactly how you want it. With that in mind, I've made fruit orchards, a mushroom farm, a Japanese-style park with a hot spring, sand garden and lots of bamboo shoots and a communal garden area with a stone tablet in the centre, surrounded by flowerbeds.

I've also put down a lot of paths so I can stop wrecking my grass when I'm running about everywhere. Anyway, in the middle of a square of paths, I built my flower garden, everything was nice and decorative. Until THIS HAPPENED:

(My town currently has snow because I'm playing the game day-by-day, starting from January 1st.)
As you can see, this little bitch took it upon herself to build her fucking house right in the middle of my damn paths. The path to the right is also the ONLY path that goes around my house, as I built it a little too close to the river. So she's fucked up my garden area, my access to my house and just generally RUINED EVERYTHING. I've previously had a villager build their house in the middle of a fruit orchard, but that wasn't so bad - I just planted a new one elsewhere. This however cannot be corrected - there's ponds and public works projects in the way. The way I had it was the only way it could work. And she has RUINED EVERYTHING.
I decided to let her know what I thought:
And then informed any potential new villagers of my mayoral policies on building shitty houses:
She has now moved in and I've taken it upon myself to INGORE her. If she asks for favours, I will open all of her gifts, mail and time capsules. If she asks me to think up a new phrase for her, it will be "I'm a stupid cunt!" (This actually works because Broffina, the transvestite chicken currently has "I'm a slag!" as her phrase. I love the fact you can input swear words in New Leaf. :D)
I'll also take it upon myself to bash her in the head with my bug net every time she comes near me and make lots of noise when she's fishing or catching bugs. Let's see how long she lasts...


  1. I feel exactly the same, I HATE FLO, she ruins everything. I want her out of my village as soon a possible, She is a fat mess

    1. Lmao, I wish you luck in getting rid of her. :)