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Video Games In The Real World: The Powerpuff Girls Atari Easter Egg

Say hello to another frequent feature on my lovely blog.
Being a hardcore gamer, I'm less in touch with the world than most people - so I get very excited when I see references to video games in the real world. It is common to see real-world references in video games - but who says it can't go the other way too?
I'm a massive fan of The Powerpuff Girls, which is brimming with references to pop culture and weird little Easter eggs in every single series. I have the full box set of all 6 series (which I ordered from the US) and when watching it recently with my fiancée Shelly, we found this one.
I'd heard of this Easter egg before, but never actually seen it for myself. In episode 6A from series 3, 'Three Girls And A Monster', The Powerpuff Girls are arguing with one another over the best way to tackle this giant orange dinosaur monster. At one point when Blossom takes the lead, she calls out an attack pattern: "ALPHA, OMEGA, ATARI!"
And then they do this:
Yes, that's an upside-down Atari logo. And as Shelly is a huge fan of the Atari 2600, she squealed. I felt warm inside, seeing a perfect connection between The Powerpuff Girls and video games - two of my favourite things. Awesome. It's in the episode for only several seconds, but it's still awesome.

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