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Video Game iPod Tracks: Flying Battery Romance

When I passed my GCSE exams in 2008, my mam bought me a 80GB iPod Classic as a present. I called her Lisa. She's stood me in good stead and I still carry her with me every time I'm forced to use public transport to drown out the sound of fuckwits and their screaming children.

Anyway, what's on my iPod? Mainly a shitload of heavy metal albums and practically every song that had been used in some manifestation of a Guitar Hero/Rock Band game. But also, I have a fondness for video game soundtracks (obviously). My biggest GB-fillers are the entire soundtracks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Final Fantasy VII and Sonic Adventure 2.

However - I'm a big fan of fan mash-ups, YTPMVs and original video game parody/homage songs. If anybody provides their song with a download link as an mp3 or iTunes link, I'm ALL OVER IT. (And for those who don't, I just use WavePad Master's Edition to steal it. :P)

One song I've recently added to my iPod is this amazing mash-up, a combination of Sonic & Knuckles and Lady Gaga - it's called FLYING BATTERY ROMANCE. It was made by the YouTube user spankypark and now has pride of place on my iPod. :)

Go to their video and leave them comments, thumbs and download  the damn song. It's so fucking awesome. It's not like the typical shitty mash-ups where the songs don't even match tempos - in this one, the two songs actually compliment each other really well.


  1. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nDU06GMFhOQ

    1. Ha, that's awesome - I've never seen that one before. :D