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Bargain Gaming #1: Discount Shops for Merchandise!

We all like to save money. If we can buy things for cheaper, that ultimatley means we can buy MORE things. :)

That's why I've started this new blog feature - BARGAIN GAMING, or Gaming on a Budget. I'm going to trawl discount shops, car boot sales, charity shops, online sites and anywhere else I can snap up a gaming bargain. Whether it's for consoles, games, peripherals, clothing or merchandise - I like to save money too, and I'm going to show you how. 

So, I had some cash in my purse while I was in town and decided to look around some of the UK's leading DISCOUNT SHOPS. Discount shops meaning, anywhere that sells things in bulk, or food products that are soon to expire, or packaging written in another language - or whatever they managed to buy for cheap from a warehouse.

The shops at my disposal were:
- Poundland
- Poundworld
- Bargain Buys
- 99p Stores
- Home Bargains
- B&M

(And just a side-note - B&M stands for "BARGAINS & MORE", not Bargain MADNESS. "Bargains AND Madness" makes no damn sense! Educate yourselves!)

My purchases ended up coming from Poundworld and Bargain Buys - but I'm not writing the other shops off yet - sometimes they have random one-off things in - it's all about patience.

So, how much did ALL OF THIS cost me?
As you can see, we have got:

- a Super Mario Yoshi figurine
- a Pac-Man & the Ghostly Adventures figurine
- a big Om Nom from Cut the Rope plush
- a pack of Cut the Rope Nommies
- a Skylanders wash mitt
- a Minecraft "Secrets & Cheats" guide book
- and a Princess Peach K'Nex Mario Kart 7 set

Prices I found online for these things were:
- £3-£6 for the Yoshi figurine; I have also seen them in game shops for around £3.50
- £2.50-£7 for the Pac-Man figurine
- £6-£8 for the Om Nom plush
- £3-£6 for a pack of Cut the Rope Nommies
- £2 for the Skylanders wash mitt, which also seemed to be available in a £7 gift set with some shower gel
- £5 for the unofficial Minecraft book, bear in mind, it's unofficial
- £12-£16 for the Princess Peach K'Nex set

But how much did I pay?

The Princess Peach set was £5, everything else was £1 each.

Want to see me show it all off and waffle on about stuff? Here's a video:

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