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Fahrenheit: How To Get 100% On Lucas' Composite Sketch

As I don't have a PS3 yet, I can't play Heavy Rain (until I can persuade my fiancée Shelly to let me borrow her console for a couple of weeks), so I settled for the next best thing: its spiritual predecessor, Fahrenheit. (That's Indigo Prophecy if you live in the USA; the two versions are practically the same, but our European Fahrenheit has a sex scene which was censored in the US. Ha ha ha. :P)

Anyway, it's a great game, but unlike Heavy Rain (which I watched my brother play a lot of), I think it's more linear, there's less major choices to make.

One chapter I noticed could be a choice of sorts is the chapter in which Tyler and Kate make a composite sketch of Lucas (which is later used against him as evidence) - if you want to make things easier for Lucas, you can totally screw it up, give the sketch a crazy afro, glasses and a porn star 'stache - or you can make his life very difficult and make it an exact match like I did. 

This is a picture of Lucas that I used as a guide:
And this is the composite I made, which gives you the maximum rating: 75%-100%, very similar.
As you can see, I play on a widescreen TV, which made things slightly more difficult, as I kept misjudging the width of his face and the length of his ears, but I got it right eventually. So, here is my little guide on how to make Lucas Kane's life even more difficult than it already is.

1. The hair is by far the easiest, there's only really one haircut that looks like his. It's dark, short and combed back slightly.

2. Lucas doesn't have a beard, moustache or any stubble, so choose the clean shaven face.

3. The mouth is simple enough, choose one that is relatively neutral and straight, not frowning. His lips are slightly fatter than the other straight mouth and it also has a small dark shadow underneath.

4. I messed up the eyes several times - Lucas has one eye slightly bigger than the other, and there's two eyes that look like this. He doesn't wear glasses, so ignore those. His eyes are also slightly tired looking - and they're very dark and fairly large.

5. His eyebrows are easy to get, but I was confused a little by his nose, sometimes it looks thin, sometimes it looks wide. Regardless, the correct eyebrows are of medium thickness and slope downwards. His nose is thin and defined.

6. The hardest part I found was his face shape and ears - just look for the jawline that is most rounded. I was thrown off guard by the slightly blocky graphics and originally chose a square jaw - but the correct one is rounded. His ears also look more pointy and large than they actually are.

Good luck! :D


  1. OMG THANK U! Ive been lookin for a guide on how 2 do this for AGES!!

    1. No problem dude. :)
      I had the same problem, I couldn't find a guide, so I made my own. :D