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Tour Of My Fallout: New Vegas Lucky 38 Suite!

I've clocked a good few hundred hours into my Fallout: New Vegas save recently, and one of my favourite things to do is to decorate the player houses. I feel Fallout 3 was a bit lacking in this area, the choices of potential houses being limited to one of two, both being fairly small - New Vegas has the choice of the mammoth Lucky 38 suite; along with the Novac hotel room, The Sink, Father Elijah's underground bunker, the other casinos' high-roller suites etc.

Obviously, because I'm both a collector and a hoarder (I honestly pick up EVERYTHING), I needed a large space to display all of my stuff. I managed to grab all of the unique weapons and clothing, along with a collection of different unique items and DLC exclusive stuff.

While I didn't use any mods, I did use a few console commands to spawn some new furniture items in my house, like the electric hot plate in the kitchen (so I can cook), the toy box in the bedroom, the Nuka-Cola fridge in the games room etc. I also needed to use console commands to obtain the items that would be obtainable legit, but would only be available during the last story mission (i.e. Legate Lanius' helmet).

So, enjoy my 13-minute tour of my Lucky 38 suite, complete with bumbling narration:

I'm currently playing through Fallout 3 again, but I'm using a mod that allows ownership of both the Megaton house and the Tenpenny Tower suite - so I'll have two smaller houses, instead of this huge one. Console commands for new furniture may be applied, we shall have to wait and see. :)