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Viscera Cleanup Detail: Section 8 Paperwork & PID Guide

If you're a completionist (like me) and want to squeeze every single possible % completion out of each level in Viscera Cleanup Detail, you've come to the right blog. Percentage is awarded based on the overall cleanliness of a level, up to the total of 100%. However, there is additional points to be earned by completing the additional objectives, namely the stacking zones and the dreaded PAPERWORK.

Here's a little guide to help you achieve the maximum percentage score on the Section 8 level.

In order to award you the full percentage ALL of the text boxes (EXCEPT the Union Report at the very bottom) must be COMPLETELY filled in. In order to accomplish this, I simply CTRL+V'd in a Notepad document of full stops I prepared earlier. You're welcome to copy this method, mash random keyboard buttons or paste in a block of Lorem Ipsum text - whatever fills the box up completely.

For your employee ID number, mash the number pad with random numbers until that too is filled completely.

The tick boxes regarding your personal opinions can be ticked with whatever you please, as long as SOMETHING is ticked.

The following boxes in the Incident Particulars section must be ticked:

In the text boxes, fill out the following:
Number of Dead Aliens: 1
Number of Shell Casings: 51
Number of Bullet Holes: 0

To find the number of incinerated items (as this number will differ from player to player) follow this file path:
Local disk > Program files (x86) > Steam > SteamApps > Common > Viscera > Saves

Find the save file of the level you are currently playing and open it with Notepad. CTRL+F "NumIncineratedItems" and you will find the number to enter in the "Number of Items Incinerated" column.

There are a total of 5 dead employees found on this level whose PIDs must be collected and scanned at the Punch-O-Matic machine.

I recommend as you clean the level and dispose of body parts and viscera to leave the PIDs exactly where you find them and collect them at the end of the level before filling out the WTF forms and their cause of death - if you move them around, they may become mixed up. Also please note, I do not refer to the employees by name, as in this level, the names are randomised and will differ from player to player.

This employee is at the end of a hallway next to a vent leaking gas. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, EVISCERATED, MURDERED, SHOT and THROWN.

This employee is in the hallway between the bin and bucket machines. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, DRAGGED, EVISCERATED, IMPACT, MURDERED and SHOT.

This employee is close to the What a Load bin machine. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, DRAGGED, EATEN, EVISCERATED and SLAIN.

This employee is in the room with the incinerator, in the barrel stacking zone. They show signs of being DECAPITATED, DISMEMBERED, EATEN, EVISCERATED, HALVED and SLAIN.

This employee is in a corner directly opposite the incinerator. They show signs of being DISMEMBERED, DRAGGED, EATEN, EVISCERATED and SLAIN.

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