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Anarchy Advent 2017 - Awesome Competition Details!

It's September again, and you lot know what that means...

If you were here last year, you'll no doubt be aware of Anarchy Advent and all of its Mog-related goodness, but if you're new here; feel free to acquaint yourself with it.

Done? Good.

Like last year, I'm running the creative competition where you lot can win prizes! The prizes will be games or credit to purchase games on a digital download service of your choice. Last year, the winners all opted for Steam games, but prizes can be arranged for Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Nintendo e-Shop, Amazon, Origin, iTunes etc.

Said prizes are...

  • 1st place - a game or games from your chosen wishlist/format gifted up to the value of £15
  • 2nd place - a game or games from your chosen wishlist/format gifted up to the value of £10
  • 3rd place - a game or games from  your chosen wishlist/format gifted up to the value of £5

So... what is this competition? What do you lot, my lovely greasy Anarchy Burgers have to do to be in with a chance of winning?

Simple! September 24th is my birthday - and I'd like you to make me a present. However, this is not specifically a "fan art" competition - don't feel restricted by what you can and can't do or make - this is a CREATIVITY competition. Last year's entrants included fan art, comics, tribute videos, music remixes, a bracelet, a Mario Maker course, a text adventure game and even a cake!

So essentially, any form of creativity goes! Art, music, writing, video, animation, sculpture, embroidery - whatever you're interested in!

The only rule is it has to be something to do with me - either feature my likeness, my logo, one of my tropes (i.e. gunge or unboxing videos) or one of my characters Cat Chaos or Charm Agony. And for those of you who choose to make me something physical, a photograph is enough for a competition entry, but if you want to mail it to me - that would be awesome. :)

Competition runs from September 1st to September 22nd. The winner shall be announced on September 23rd - and I shall showcase all of the entries in a special video.

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries must be submitted to me via DM on Twitter - please don't @ them to me, I'd like to keep them a secret from other entrants!
  • Prizes are to be awarded in vouchers or download code only, no physical cash prize.
  • Once you've submitted your entry, I can do with it what I wish, post it on my blog, Twitter, use it in videos or other content etc.
  • If you need anything from me in order to complete your entry - like sheet music to my opening, the colour of my eyes, my shoe size, Jet's inside leg measurement - whatever - just let me know and I shall provide you with whatever you need.

Good luck you lot!

And if you're looking for inspiration, why not check out the showcase of last year's entrants and winners?

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