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What My Niece Called Pokémon Toys

Remember when I unboxed those fake Chinese Pokémon toys last month?

Well, when my 3-year-old niece was round at my house, I let her play with them - and just out of curiosity I asked her what she would call them. Her answers were awesome - I love the imagination of a little kid! In some cases, she wasn't wrong, either.
Shroomish - "Grumpy Flower"
Cancnea - "Happy Cactus"
Simsage - "Monkey on Fire"
Nidorino - "Flying Hippo"
Spinda - "Silly Bear"
Exploud - "Scary Big Mouth Monster"
Latios - "Blue Bird"
Liepard - "Spotty Evil Cat"
Magcargo - "Funny Snail"
Manaphy - "Green Baby"
Golbat - "Big Bat Vampire"

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