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Hilarious Chinese Fake Lego - Pokémon & Super Mario

I love funny products that are fake, knock-offs or bad foreign imitations. eBay is absolutely full of this stuff, if you know where to look. My answer to that is look for sellers from China.

I've recently been trawling through eBay to find some new interesting things for my unboxing videos. Now I'm getting some ad revenue, I can afford to blow it on some random crap. During one eBay session, I managed to find TWO sets of fake Chinese Lego products, one Pokémon-themed, the other Mario-themed. Would you like to see them?
They're so badly designed and haphazardly assembled, I can't stop laughing all the way through this video:

And here's a step-by-step guide to building the ridiculous fake Lego Mario:

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