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Minecraft Creations: Cosmic Spacehead Sprite Statue

Are we ready for more Minecraft Creations? OK then, I present to you (what I believe has never been done before) my 16-bit COSMIC SPACEHEAD sprite statue from the amazing Sega Mega Drive game of the same name:

Our lovely Cosmic Spacehead is made purely from wool blocks - red, yellow, white, pink, black and magenta. I extracted his sprite from a screenshot and zoomed it in on PAINT and copied it into the big bland desert area. (Oooh, how very technical I am. :P)
With regards to the game itself, I know not many people have heard of it, but Cosmic Spacehead is a truly epic point-and-click/adventure/platformer type thing on the Sega Mega Drive made by the wonderful Codemasters. It's also very cheap - I picked it up from Amazon with the box, booklet and a promotional poster for only like £4. (I did have it as a child but for some reason when my Mega Drive broke my mother took it upon herself to get rid of all my bloody games as well!) I may review it in the future. Wooo. :)
I also posted a mini video of my Cosmic to YouTube, so if anyone inexplicably likes the sound of my voice, it's here:

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