I am Mog Anarchy, and I like to play games. Whether they are old, new, retro, modern, online, offline, console, computer, critically acclaimed or notoriously bad. Here on my blog, I rant about, review, trash talk, praise and generally talk about all of my favourite and least-favourite games. I also write my own guides on how to accomplish tricky tasks, show off my creative endeavors and challenge myself with crazy in-game tasks. I also have a bunch of gaming merchandise which I am glad to show off. So drop me a comment, I love hearing your questions, criticisms, comments and general gaming discussions. :)

The Wall Of Awesome

All of my lovely little Anarchy Burgers are awesome - but this lot on this page have done something especially awesome and thus earned a place on:
(These thanks are listed in reverse chronological order - so the person at the top will be the most recent - no favouritism here!)

  • Thank you to Tim Wilcox for the thoughtful fan mail gifts, the PayPal donation towards new camera equipment, Steam gifts and his ongoing support on Patreon - I have such amazing (and insane) fans. :)
  • Thank you to Jarl Hamm for gifting me a great game, Baezult 2.
  • Thank you to Bucky for the selfie stick you sent in as fan mail - it shall come in handy for vlogs!
  • Thank you to Mike for the great fan mail gifts and being my dialect coach for perfecting my Charm Agony accent. :)
  • Thank you again to Snowkitten for being literally the only entrant to the 2017 Anarchy Advent competition - though would likely have come in a top position thanks to her awesome remix of my voice in a synthwave song!
  • Thank you to Righteous Hi5 for gifting me a copy of Borderlands 2 (GOTY Edition) - you absolute nutcase! 
  • Thank you to Nimyane for helping me out with some items and goodies after my Animal Crossing: New Leaf town went corrupt.
  • Thank you to DerpyDodo and Hedders for contributing to the "buy Mog Anarchy a new external hard drive fund" after my old one went corrupted. These two nutjobs both donated to me on PayPal and as a result, I bought a shiny new external hard drive.
  • Thank you to Tash for gifting me a copy of Surgeon Simulator on Steam - as a new year's present!
  • Thank you to ZoD OnBERighteous Hi55mar2nSoffieSun GamingCaseyCakeCapotain MediaFran and Snowkitten - this lot all entered amazing and artistic entries to my 2016 Anarchy Advent competition!
  • Thank you to Rock Lobster who was the first (and so far only) person to send me some fan mail - a box of randomness is indeed an understatement to describe what you sent!
  • Thank you to Prio Huq for recording the little jingle you hear at the beginning of each of my videos. I composed the little tune a long time ago, and he gave it a little chiptune funk for me to use in videos.

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