I am Mog Anarchy, and I like to play games. Whether they are old, new, retro, modern, online, offline, console, computer, critically acclaimed or notoriously bad. Here on my blog, I rant about, review, trash talk, praise and generally talk about all of my favourite and least-favourite games. I also write my own guides on how to accomplish tricky tasks, show off my creative endeavors and challenge myself with crazy in-game tasks. I also have a bunch of gaming merchandise which I am glad to show off. So drop me a comment, I love hearing your questions, criticisms, comments and general gaming discussions. :)

Gaming Gunge!

I'm a 90s kid; born in 1991, I experienced 9/10ths of the amazing gunge-filled decade. Raised on awesome programmes like Get Your Own Back, Fun House and Noel's House Party - lots of great gameshows involving gunge that I couldn't apply for because I was too young, too asthmatic and too camera shy.

But now I'm an adult; an adult with my own house, my own website and the means to buy lots of gunge powder mix, a big inflatable pool, tons of buckets, gunge blaster guns and anything else I need to make hilarious and messy videos!

Whether it's dumped from a bucket, fired from a gun, poured down a spout or just thrown in my face - I'm a big fan of getting messy with gunge. I tend to stick with my comfy T-shirt and shorts outfit, but I am planning to dress up in amusing costumes in future videos.

I'm a gamer at heart, so the majority of my messy videos will revolve around gaming in some way - whether they're semi-scripted skits or a gungey forfeit for losing a challenge - you can guarantee I'll always take it with a smile on my face.


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