I am Mog Anarchy, and I like to play games. Whether they are old, new, retro, modern, online, offline, console, computer, critically acclaimed or notoriously bad. Here on my blog, I rant about, review, trash talk, praise and generally talk about all of my favourite and least-favourite games. I also write my own guides on how to accomplish tricky tasks, show off my creative endeavors and challenge myself with crazy in-game tasks. I also have a bunch of gaming merchandise which I am glad to show off. So drop me a comment, I love hearing your questions, criticisms, comments and general gaming discussions. :)

Charm Agony


Charm Agony
"Girl Gamer"

D.O.B.: 10/07/97

Favourite games: Nintendogs, Candy Crush Saga, Singstar

Likes: Generous guys online who give up their guns, Other girl gamers, Cute pink things

Dislikes: Gamers who call you a "fake girl gamer," Cats, Getting messy/dirty


I'm Charm Agony and I'm like a total girl gamer.

I like to play video games online, especially on Twitch or with a group of guys, because they totally give me all of their ammo and health kits when they hear my voice on the headset thing and realise I'm a girl gamer.

I'm a real girl gamer. You know like all these other girls only pretend to like games so guys will sleep with them. Or they're like big butch lesbians who find other lesbians on multiplayer Overshock.

I'm posting my amazing rants about gaming and gaming as a gamer girl on Mog Anarchy's YouTube channel - she's promised me 1% of the ad revenue - that's going to be a lot, right?

Videos I star in:

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