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Gungey Gaming Anagrams!

Yep, I've gotten myself into something gungey again...

Ash and Shelly set up a game of sorts for me in the back garden - a vat of 36 litres of gloopy, black gunge - in which they buried foamy letters that spelled out names of video games.

How was I to retrieve these letters? With my FACE, of course! More specifically, my mouth, lips and nose - I had to plunge my head right into all the goop and suck, slurp, push and nudge the letters out of the mess and onto the table - where I could rearrange them into game titles.

(Simply click on the photos below to enlarge 'em!)

I could have dunked Ash in the gunge for this! Could she possibly have buried the letters any deeper? I practically had gunge up to my ears while searching through the slop to find these letters - and she chose such a damn long name! But, I did manage to scoop them all out and work out the game - and right off the bat I was totally gunked up - my fringe, especially.

Round 2 - ROCK BAND
Thankfully, Shelly is a bit less sadistic than Ash and didn't bury the letters so deeply in the gunge. Both of them however did hold the letters under the gunge and give em a good squeezing. Being foam - they absorbed a bunch of goop, which naturally ended up in my mouth when I took hold of them with my teeth...

Round 3 - BRAID
Not only is Ash super sadistic - she's also a cheater! Before we set the game up, all three of us came up with a long list of games we could physically spell out with the foamy letters (we only had one of each letter and one of each number) - we came up with about 30 different ones - it would still be somewhat of a guess for me to work out. Braid wasn't on the list! Ash just realised she could spell that at the last minute! So not only was I covered in gunge, dizzy and disorientated from all the head dunks, I had to unscramble a word I didn't even know was on the list!

Round 4 - HOTEL DUSK
Wearing goggles unfortunately was a double-edged sword. I needed to keep gunge out of my eyes - despite gunge being safe for skin and it being made of food-grade ingredients, you don't really want it in your eyes - it stings a little bit. Every time I dunked my head, I had to scrape the slime off of the goggles so I could bloody see! I wanted to be able to see, but gunge is super sticky, and clings to everything in sight! (No pun intended!)

Round 5 - SONIC R
At this point, all of the gunge I'd ingested was getting to me. Yes, gunge is made of food-safe ingredients - but it feels like glue! Imagine getting a gob full of glue over and over! Uncoloured gunge doesn't taste of anything, but adding paint as a colour - ergh. A few dry heaves later - I fished out the final set of letters - game over, I win!

It's not fair! I retrieved ALL of the letters and figured out ALL of the anagrams - but they still plonked me down in the green patio chair and dumped all 36 leftover litres of the oozing, black slime ALL OVER ME! I didn't take long to end up completely covered - my whole face, head and torso - some even dripping down my arms, running down my legs and slopping into my shoes... Yuck!
As always, all of this lovely gunge was supplied by GungeSupplies.com - it's HEC powder you simply mix up with warm water and add your own colour to - easy to make, and despite the mess it makes, it cleans up easily too.


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