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The Walking Dead Season 2: My Episode 1 Choices!

Episode Selection:


So, as some of you might know, the 5th and final episode of The Walking Dead series 2 came out this week. I'd previously purchased the season pass, and laid in wait for almost a year for all of the episodes to come out. There was no way I was going to wait months apart for the next part of the damn story - which is exactly what I did for season 1 as well. 

And fuck me, I am so glad I waited - some of these bloody episodes end with mega cliffhangers - I would have smashed my Xbox if I'd finished episode 4 and didn't have episode 5... Holy shit. 

Anyway - those of you who followed my choices from season 1 know exactly how I feel about certain characters - particularly those who made a comeback for series 2. As you play as Clementine this time, I chose to make her personality and choices a total BADASS. You may have heard of the Scumbag Lee/Scumbag Clementine videos on YouTube (where someone made the most evil and selfish choices possible for every choice), but I toned some of it down. If I hated a character, I fucking let them know, but I managed to form some friendships and alliances.

I instantly liked Sarah - who my friends and I nicknamed Special Sarah - for obvious reasons... So, I decided to drop some of the BADASS Clementine persona to be nice to her. 

I started playing episode 1 around 2PM and finished episode 5 at around 9PM - baring in mind, stopping for food, piss and shower breaks. So, series 2 is shorter than series 1 - and I found it easier, now knowing the gist of things. I also noticed a slight re-vamping of some of the quicktime events - they now include some random control-stick whacking parts.

Anyway, enough bullshit - on with my choices. It goes without saying that there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS.

This is a screenshot of my results from Episode 1:
I noticed that I was in the majority for 3 of 5 choices this time... I can imagine that these stats have a lot less people factoring in - I can assume that more people played season 1 - and can also guess that many people like me decided to wait until all 5 episodes were out to play season 2.

Stopped to help Christa: Well, of course! She'd been with me for like 2 years, she was my "group", technically. Also, she seems to have lost a lot of her major bitch vibes since season 1.

Killed the dog: Sam, you little shit! After I petted you, played frisbee with you AND gave you some of my beans, you chomp the shit out of me? You're lucky I chose to put you out of your misery, I could have left you to die slowly... But after all, I am BADASS Clementine. :)

Did not accept Nick's apology: Fuck you Nick, you are a total COCKHOLE. Instantly, you have become my least favourite character.

Refused water: This fucking guy - he was one of the scavengers who attacked Christa. Yeah, fuck you, like I'm going to share some precious lifeforce with you.

Went with Pete: I don't care if Pete was bitten; there was NO FUCKING WAY I was going with that cockhole across the river. 

Stay tuned for episode 2!

Episode Selection:


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