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Minecraft Creations: Frostbite Sprite Statues

It's been a while, but it's time for some more Minecraft Creations. Shelly and I made this collection of sprite statues a few months back - Shelly having a great spatial awareness used screenshots from one of her favourite Atari 2600 games: Frostbite and squared paper to plan out these three statues.

Frostbite is a sort of platformer game in which you play as a little Eskimo dude called Bailey. Your task is to jump across ice floes in order to reach the other side of an icy river, where your igloo is. With each successful jump, more bricks are added to your igloo until it is complete and you can finish the level. As well as having to avoid falling into the water, you also need to avoid flying birds (we assume seagulls) and a hungry polar bear who prowls around outside your igloo.

We suspect that nobody else has ever made these before! We built these statues authentically in the icy area of our world, using wool and snow blocks.

This is a screenshot from the game:
(Just as a warning, if you're going to search for this yourself, don't forget to include "ATARI" in your search. Bloody hell...)
And this is a screenshot of our Minecraft sprite statues.

We also made a video:

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