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Super Mario Bros. Amazon.co.uk FAIL

Everyone knows I like Amazon.co.uk. I used to buy all of my games from Play.com before they decided they didn't want to accept my bank card anymore, so I migrated to Amazon. I'm a bit iffy on eBay, mainly due to the bidding wars and whatnot. But anyway.

I recently bought a NES from eBay, so I was mooching for some more games. It came with the original Super Mario Bros. so I searched for the "sequel" Super Mario Bros. 2 (even though we all know it's not a REAL Mario game, it's still worth playing!) and was quite surprised to find it half a million miles down on the page of results.

So out of curiosity, I searched for "Super Mario Bros."
I didn't expect the NES original to be the #1 search of course; as I expected that went to the "New" naff Super Mario Bros. on the DS. (I'm just not a big fan of it, OK?). But where the NES original was, was ridiculous.

16th on the list - below some shitty little PVC figurines which don't even look like the official ones that came packaged in the red cardboard packs.

What was even more insulting to the awesome NES original however, was THIS:

It ranks lower than the ridiculous live-action Super Mario Bros. movie.
Amazon, what the actual fuck. Get your shit together seriously.

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